How To Actually Win Target Gift Card

If anyone asks you online if you want to Win Target Gift Card, you should be careful to make sure that it is a legit offer.

Target is a convenient shopping mall with a wide range of products and is becoming an increasingly popular way to buy groceries in supermarkets. No wonder many people are trying to save money by getting discounts on Target.

But why not get the win target gift card for free and save shopping?

Well, below are some legit ways to win a free target gift card online. The guide actually includes everything you need to start the contests, giveaways, and how to win a free $500 Target gift card. Remember, not all of these methods are useful for everyone. However, I hope you can at least find some items on the list that you can use to get a free card, use it, and check the target gift card balance.

Exchange Program

The company has a target trade-in program that allows you to receive the target gift card in exchange for old-fashioned electronic devices such as MP3 players and cell phones.

Basically, you can get free gift cards for items you no longer use. Simply enter your device information on the redemption page or the Target app, check the value, and send the electronic device to your local Target store.

After sending the product, you will receive a gift card. You don’t have to worry about Target, because it also covers transport costs. If your device usually works and contains a charger, you can use it better.

The exchange component is not damaged, must function normally, and cannot have a security code or PIN code. You can trade products such as phones, tablets, games, game consoles, portable devices, MP3 players, and speakers.

Don’t expect to get a lot of benefits from second-hand electronic equipment. However, it is much more than in the pawnshop. For example, I looked at a brand new, fully functional Samsung phone that costs around $200. The goal is a $ 41 gift card.

You can also try trade-in and compare prices to determine which website is best for your electronic device.

Win a free target gift card by filling surveys.

Survey Junkie is a paid online research site that gives points for sharing opinions. The Points can be redeemed for free cash rewards, such as deposits to PayPal accounts, free target gift card number and access number, and Amazon gift cards.

If you only insist on the well-paying surveys on this site, you can expect to earn $18 per hour. But combined with low-paid research, you can only make about $10 to $12 an hour. The score you get for each survey usually depends on the time it takes to complete the survey and the company being surveyed.

There is actually no doubt that Survey Junkie is one of the most expensive research sites. It takes at least $10 to redeem a $10 Target gift card generator. Most people find that this amount can be reached very quickly.

One of the benefits of Survey Junkie is that the first two questions can tell you if you are actually eligible to participate in the survey compared to other survey sites. In the same way, you still get some points even if you are not eligible.

Survey Junkie is a 100% free joining, and the registration process is quick and easy. If you sign up as a new user, you will also receive a welcome bonus of 10 points. Similarly, expect to wait five days to receive the reward. Additionally, since many surveys are always available, check every day for new surveys. If you want to answer a questionnaire and make money, this site is definitely the best choice.


Since 2008, Swagbucks is one of the largest online rewards sites. You can make money by performing tasks online, such as watching videos, playing games, shopping online, recommending to friends, trimming coupons (Goals in some cases), and conducting paid surveys.

After completing the task, you earn points called Swagbucks. Similarly, you may redeem your points for a target gift card (or other retailers), and you can also get cash.

You can join Swagbucks and receive a $ 10 welcome bonus (bonus varies by country/region). You need at least 100 Swagbucks to redeem. Please note, however, that the welcome bonus does not apply to this amount. Users report that by completing paid surveys, they can earn approximately $5 in 30 minutes.

Some members reported that Swagbucks is entirely passive and likes watching videos to make money. In other words, as long as you click the “Play” button, as long as you do nothing to earn points, the video will continue to play.

This site’s advantage is that it is challenging to perform tedious work because there are many different tasks to complete.

My SoapBox.

My SoapBox is another excellent way to get gift cards online. This online research site offers you free money just for sharing your views. Besides, only register as a new user, and you will receive a sign-up bonus of $2. The advantage of My SoapBox is that user-reported research is more interesting than regular research sites.

I have questions about what I buy and use every day, whether I like it or not. When you answer the questionnaire, a certain number of points is added. You can redeem your target gift card, give gift card points to other retailers or redeem directly to your PayPal account.

Most users report making money at a rate of $10 per person. It takes at least $25 (or 25,000 earned points) to payout, which seems a bit expensive. However, users report that this amount will soon be reached. Please note that this amount includes a $2 sign-up bonus.


PointClub is a premier site where you can pay for online research. Each time you complete the survey, you can earn points and use cash rewards such as free Objective gift cards.

Sign up as a new member now and receive a $5 bonus. Compared to other research sites, the most significant advantage of Point Club is the tier reward.

If you log in daily, you will earn an additional 10% for each survey, for a total of up to 100% (or ten consecutive days). However, if you forget to log in for a day, that reward level will be reset.

Maximize tier bonus reports that users can earn up to $15 an hour through paid search sites. If you do not include these grades, your hourly wage is approximate. $ 8 to $ 10.

PointClub also offers a generous referral program, which provides a 10% bonus no matter how much your friends earn. When you reach 20 referrals, you are called a “brand ambassador” and increase your referral bonus to 20%.

PointClub often posts promotional codes on Facebook pages and may claim additional points. However, you need to be billed within a certain period to earn points with these reward codes, so be quick. With a sign-up bonus of $ 5, it’s a quick way to reach your gift card goals in less time.


Drop is a cashback shopping app that aims to save on daily shopping costs for thousands of years. After installing the Drop app, you can select up to 5 preferred retailers using Drop.

Next, you need to link your credit or debit card to the app. Then you can earn points automatically when you use your card to make purchases at the store of your choice. Similarly, you can then redeem these points for a free Target gift card or other retailers.

You can also get a $1 bonus by connecting your first credit or debit card. The points when shopping aren’t that high, but basically, you don’t have to do anything to earn that money as long as you have a card connected.

This makes Drop one of the best passive income apps out there today. Similarly, you will receive approx. 0.5% to 1% cash back, depending on the free target gift card codes.

When choosing a retail store, be sure to choose a retail store that you often shop for. Once selected, it cannot be chosen again without creating a new account.


Prize Rebel is another small working group that allows you to pay to conduct surveys, fill bid walls, and watch videos online. You can also earn extra money by introducing your friends and get a 20% bonus, which your friends can accumulate in their lifetime.

The website is completely free. You can earn points immediately by verifying your email address and completing your profile. The amount of each task varies widely.

However, many members have reported that they have been very successful in earning free money at a rate of around. $10 an hour through an online survey.

Points can be redeemed for free Target gift cards, free Amazon gift cards, and cash or gift cards from other major retailers.

Note the real target gift card number of points are needed to use a gift card, as the points are slightly different. Usually, you can earn benefits within seven days of redeeming points.


The above choices are some of the best ways to win, most ways include doing a survey for win target gift card but there are also other ways that we have shown above.

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