Michaels Gift Card Balance: Online, Phone, In-Store Check

Got a Michaels gift card? Wanna know how much money is left on it? It’s easy to check! Knowing your gift card balance is important, whether you’re planning a craft project or shopping for home decor. We’ll show you easy ways to check online, in the store, or over the phone. No more surprises at checkout when you’re armed with this info!

Physical and eGift Cards

Michaels offers gift cards in two forms: physical and eGift. The physical gift cards are the traditional plastic cards that you can purchase at a Michaels store or from their website. On the other hand, eGift cards are digital versions that can be purchased online and delivered via email to the recipient.

When purchasing a gift card, you have the option to choose between these two convenient formats based on your preference. For instance, if you need a last-minute gift, an eGift card can be instantly sent to the recipient’s email address without any shipping delays.

Design Variety and Denominations

One of the appealing aspects of Michaels’ gift card options is the wide range of designs available for selection. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, there are numerous design choices to suit different preferences.

Moreover, when buying a gift card, customers also have flexibility in choosing denominations that fit their budget. This means you can select an amount that best suits your gifting needs without being restricted to predetermined values.

Checking Your Balance Online

Accessing Michaels Website

To check your Michaels gift card balance, head to the official Michaels website. Once there, look for the option to check your gift card balance. You’ll usually find this in the “Gift Cards” or “Balance Check” section of the website.

When you click on the designated link, you will be prompted to enter your card number and PIN. These are typically found on the back of your gift card. After entering these details, you can access your current balance.

Quick and Convenient Tracking

Checking your gift card balance online is a quick and convenient way to keep track of how much money you have available to spend at Michaels. Instead of having to go into a store or call customer service, you can simply log onto their website from anywhere with an internet connection.

This method allows you to see exactly how much money is left on your gift card without any hassle or waiting time. It’s also a great way to ensure that you’re aware of how much funds are remaining in your wallet before making any purchases at Michaels.

Phone Inquiry for Gift Card Balance

Dialing Customer Service

To check your gift card balance at Michaels, you can dial the customer service number. Grab your phone and get ready to follow some automated prompts.

When you’re calling to inquire about your gift card balance, it’s essential to have all the necessary details readily available. This includes having your card in hand so that you can provide the required information promptly.

Following Automated Prompts

Once you’ve dialed the customer service number, listen carefully to the automated prompts. These prompts will guide you through the process of checking your gift card balance over the phone.

The system may ask you to enter or speak certain details related to your card in order to retrieve and provide accurate information about its remaining balance. It’s crucial to follow these instructions accurately for a successful inquiry.

In-Store Balance Check at Michaels

Visit Michaels Store

When you want to check the balance of your Michaels gift card, head over to any Michaels store near you. This is a simple and convenient way to find out how much value is left on your gift card.

Approach Cashier or Customer Service Desk

Once inside the store, look for a cashier or head to the customer service desk. These are the designated areas where you can inquire about your gift card balance. The staff members there will be more than happy to assist you with checking your balance.

When it’s your turn, politely ask the cashier or customer service representative if they could help you with checking your Michaels gift card balance. They are trained and ready to assist customers with this type of request.

Present Your Gift Card Physically To proceed with checking your gift card balance, hand over your physical gift card to the staff member assisting you. They will then scan or manually input the details from your gift card into their system in order to provide you with an accurate account of its remaining value.

Understanding Michaels eGift Cards vs Plastic Gift Cards

Delivery Method

Michaels eGift cards are sent electronically via email, making them a convenient and quick option for gifting. Once purchased, the recipient will receive the eGift card directly in their email inbox. On the other hand, plastic gift cards can be bought either in-store or online and then shipped to the recipient’s address.

Both types of cards offer different delivery methods: one is instant through email while the other involves physical shipping.

eGift cards are perfect for last-minute gifts as they can be delivered instantly via email, whereas plastic gift cards allow for a tangible present to be given on special occasions.

Usage Flexibility

Both options provide flexibility. Whether it’s an eGift card received via email or a traditional plastic gift card, both can be used for purchases at Michaels stores and on their website.

For instance:

  • An individual who prefers shopping online may find an eGift card more suitable due to its digital nature.

  • Conversely, someone who enjoys browsing through items in-store might appreciate receiving a physical plastic gift card.

The choice between these two types of gift cards depends on personal preferences and convenience.

Reloading Your Michaels eGift Card

How to Reload

To reload your Michaels gift card balance, simply visit the Michaels website and navigate to the gift cards section. Choose the option to reload or add funds to your eGift card. Once there, you can select the desired amount you want to add to your existing eGift card balance.

When reloading, you have the freedom to choose any amount that suits your needs. Whether it’s a small top-up for an upcoming purchase or a larger refill for future use, reloading gives you flexibility in managing your eGift card.

Enjoy Convenience

Reloading your Michaels eGift card offers unparalleled convenience. Instead of having to go out and buy a new physical gift card each time, you can simply top up your existing one online from the comfort of your home.

Redeeming and Payment Methods for Michaels Gift Cards

Using Your Michaels Gift Card

When you’re ready to make a purchase at Michaels, simply present your gift card during checkout. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, the process is straightforward. At the register, hand over your physical gift card, and if you’re making an online purchase, enter the gift card number and PIN at the payment page.

You can use your Michaels gift card to buy anything available in their stores or on their website. From art supplies and home décor to seasonal items and crafting essentials, the options are endless. If what you want exceeds your gift card balance, no worries! You can combine it with other payment methods like cash or credit/debit cards to complete your purchase.

Redeemable Options

Your Michaels gift card isn’t limited to just merchandise; it’s versatile. In addition to buying products from their wide range of offerings, you can also use it for classes offered by Michaels. This means that whether you’re interested in learning a new craft or honing existing skills through workshops or art lessons, your gift card has got you covered.

Moreover, if there’s someone special who shares a love for creativity like yours but might not be into crafts themselves – they too can benefit from this thoughtful gesture! By using the value stored on their gifted Michaels eGift Card towards any product or class they desire.

Pros and Cons of Using Michaels Gift Cards


  • Flexibility: Can be used both in-store and online.

  • Versatility: Redeemable for merchandise as well as classes at Michaels.

  • Gifting Option: Perfect for gifting creative experiences along with products.


  • Limited Use: Cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Partial Redemption: Balances cannot be redeemed for cash but must be used towards future purchases.

Managing Michaels Gift Card Issues with DoNotPay

Common Problems Resolved

Do you ever worry about losing or having your Michaels gift card stolen? With DoNotPay, you can easily address these concerns. If you’ve misplaced your gift card or it has been stolen, DoNotPay’s platform provides the necessary assistance to help resolve these issues. By using their services, you can quickly and efficiently manage problems related to your Michaels gift card.

DoNotPay offers a convenient way for individuals to access support when dealing with common gift card problems like loss or theft. Their platform is designed to streamline the process of resolving such issues, providing peace of mind for those who may encounter difficulties with their Michaels gift cards.

Accessing Support and Resources

Accessing helpful resources and support is crucial. Through DoNotPay’s services, users have the opportunity to receive guidance on how best to handle various challenges associated with Michaels gift cards. Whether it’s checking the balance, reporting a lost or stolen card, or seeking assistance with other related matters, DoNotPay offers valuable support in navigating these issues effectively.

Customer Support for Michaels Gift Cards

Contact Options

If you have any queries or issues regarding your Michaels gift card balance, you can easily get in touch with Michaels’ customer service. You have several options to reach out for assistance. You can give them a call, send an email, or even visit a nearby store location. Whether you prefer speaking directly to a representative or communicating through writing, Michaels ensures that there’s a suitable option for everyone.

When reaching out by phone, be prepared with your gift card details and any relevant information about the inquiry. For email inquiries, clearly state the problem and provide all necessary details such as the gift card number and purchase receipt if available. If visiting a store is more convenient for you, make sure to bring along the physical gift card and any supporting documents.

Versatile Support

The customer support team at Michaels is well-equipped to assist with various gift card-related inquiries. Whether it’s checking your remaining balance, understanding terms and conditions, resolving technical issues when using the gift card online, or addressing concerns about lost or stolen cards – they are ready to help.

For instance:

  • If you’re unsure how much credit remains on your Michaels gift card after making some purchases,
  • The customer support team can guide you on how to check your balance either online or by visiting a store.
  • In case of accidental loss of your Michaels gift card,
  • They will advise on what steps need to be taken next to safeguard its remaining value.
  • Suppose there’s an issue redeeming the Michaels e-gift card received via email,
  • They’ll troubleshoot and provide solutions so that you can smoothly use it during checkout.


Now you know how to handle your Michaels gift card like a pro! You can check your balance online or ask in the store. You can choose between eGift cards and plastic ones. And if you need help, DoNotPay is there for you. Now go enjoy using your gift card at Michaels!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the balance of my Michaels gift card online?

You can easily check your Michaels gift card balance online by visiting the official Michaels website and navigating to the “Gift Cards” section. Then, enter your gift card number and PIN to view your current balance.

What is the difference between Michaels eGift cards and plastic gift cards?

Michaels eGift cards are digital and delivered via email, while plastic gift cards are physical cards that can be purchased in-store. Both types can be used for purchases at Michaels stores or online.

Can I reload my Michaels eGift card with additional funds?

Yes, you have the option to reload your Michaels eGift card with additional funds. Simply visit the official website or contact customer support for assistance with reloading your eGift card.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my Michaels gift card?

If you experience any problems or issues with your Michaels gift card, consider using DoNotPay’s services for managing gift card-related concerns. They offer helpful solutions and guidance for various gift card issues.

How do I reach customer support for inquiries about my Michaels gift card?

To get in touch with customer support regarding your Michaels gift card, you can find contact information on their official website. You may also inquire about specific details at a local store location.

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