5+ Effective Ideas for Blu Ray Giveaways and Contest

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Blu ray giveaways

Blu-ray.com and Universal Home Entertainment are working hand in hand to reward their loyal customers. First, you have to register for a contest as well as giveaways to win a prize.  This is a chance for you to win one of our Blu-ray. Com Giveaways. Do not panic, as the membership is very free. Register and access all customizable tools as well as features in Blu-ray.com that come with its membership.  Apart from the contests and giveaways, you have all the reasons to join this web site.

Members can turn off advertisings, post movies as well as product reviews, comment on pages, manage their Blu-ray collection online, join communities as well as social groups, create personal home theater gallery, upload photos, see full 1080 screenshots, price track movies as well as products, deal notices, customize the site’s layout, design and functionality to mention but a few.

Once you are registered, you can participate in any of our contestants. We will select winners randomly through an integer generator program. We also allow one contestant to enter multiple entries. This will require a complex randomization program though.

Contestants can check their status through the Blu-ray Giveaway winners list. We will also contact winners through their emails. Moreover, they only have seven days to respond as well as claim their prizes.  We will award the unclaimed prizes to other participants after the seventh day.  In some cases, we only give winners three days to claim their prizes. As mentioned earlier, always login to our page as well as watch our shows on TV programs to stay posted.

As long as we contact you and you claim your prize, do not bother about shipping because Blu-ray .com caters to all the shipping expenses. The duration of shipping all depends on the studio as well as promotion firm involved. Under normal circumstances, winners are likely to receive their giveaways fourteen days after the title’s release date. At times, it might take longer, but in case of any delays then we will inform the entire winner of the status of their prizes.

We are giving our loyal customers different giveaways hence it is advisable that you read each and every contestant’s rules. Note that some of our giveaways are open to everyone while others are only limited to US residents. The studios or PR decides on the eligibility of every contest that is why they differ on case-by-case basis.

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Ideas for Blu ray Giveaways

1. Revolver Jimi Hendrix Giveaway

We are giving you a chance to win the Revolver Jimi Hendrix. They are two varieties for that matter. One winner will receive a Live in Maui’ 3LP Blu-ray Bundle. The other winner will receive a Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster guitar in white. Finally, the next winner will bring home a merch pack of a Jimmy Hendrix tee, beanie, hoodie as well as a one-year subscription to Revolver Magazine. We will not provide cash or prize substitution. This prize is not transferable the giveaway duration is about 19 days. Moreover, it is worth $1,300.


  • 18+ worldwide
  • 1 bonus entries
  • One entry sweepstake category
  • com 2067 Giveaway

Contestants who consider this contest will win a copy of 2067 Giveaway on Blu-ray Starring Kodi Smit-McPhee as well as Ryan Kwanten. 2067 stars Kodi Smit-McPhee as well as Ryan Kwanten. Seth Larney RLJE Films is the director and writer for this film.

By the year 2067, climate change ravages the earth and humanity has to live on artificial oxygen. A synthetic O2 is killing the world’s population. The only hope for the cure comes in the form of a message from the future. “Send Ethan Whyte”. Ethan is an underground tunnel worker is coming to a new world full of unknown dangers. He has to save the human race. This is an interesting book as a giveaway on Blu-ray. We are currently giving out two copies.

This contest is only open to US residents and limited to just a single person.

2. SlantMgazine.com 2067 Giveaway

This is a golden chance for you to win a Blu-ray of 2067 in courtesy of RLJE Films. We will select three winners randomly.  All our winners will receive a direct message with further instructions. This is a must watch film!

This contest is only restricted to US residents only. They have to be 18+ years. It is also limited to one person only.

3. Jesus Freak Hideout The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy SteelBook 4K Ultra HD Giveaway

Jesusfreakhidepout.com as well as Tommee Profit is giving you a chance to win a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray combo pack copy of the Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy. One lucky winner will receive a copy of the movie in a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Digital combo pack.

The contest is only restricted to US residents and limited to one bonus entry.

4. General Mills Play Big, Win Big With PS5 and Big G Cereals Promotion

Enter the General Mills Play Big, Cereals Promotion. Check the boxes of GM cereals then check oy for the codes found on General Mills products for the chance to win instantly.  We offer thousands of prizes to win. Every winner will receive the following:

  • PlayStation VR headset
  • PlayStation camera
  • PlayStation Move Motion controller
  • Marvel’s Iron Man VR Blu-ray Disc

This contest is only open to DC residents and US.  It is a bit different from other contests as here, you will play for about 15 minutes during the promotion period regardless of the method of entry and get an instant win.

5.Back in the future trilogy in HD Blue-ray

Experience a future like never before. The Blu-ray box set includes hours of new bonus features and comes with a selection of rare castings from the Hollywood starry sky. You can get the new 4K Ultra HD COMBO package with the new Remastered Blu-Ray and digital code.

The Back to the Future: “Ultimate Trilogy” features a disc-type collector’s book featuring all three films and includes a bonus disc with new bonus content. For the first time in the past, present, and future, each other in breathtaking Ultra HD resolution. Back to the Future 35th Anniversary Limited Edition (4K UHD) Gift Set.

6.Blu-ray Mystery Box with 3 Discs!

The winner will randomly get a mysterious box containing at least one 4k Blu-ray SteelBook and two Blu-ray discs. (Retail price $73.97)

To apply, follow us on social media and repost your gift. that’s it! A random follower will be selected for reposting. If checked, please note that you still need to follow to receive direct messages on social media. The winner will receive a CD shipped via USPS.

7.2067 Blu-Ray Movie Giveaway

“2067”, Cody Smith McPhee (X-Men Apocalypse, Let Me In), Ryan Kwanten (“True Love as Blood”, “Holy Lie”), Seth La Director, Seth Larney (Thongloruo).

By 2067, the planet is damaged by climate change, forcing humans to live on artificial oxygen. Diseases caused by synthetic oxygen are killing people all over the world, and the only hope for treatment comes from a message of the future: “Send Ethan White.” Ethan, a worker in an underground tunnel, suddenly enters a terrifying new world full of unknown dangers as he must fight to save humanity.

Thanks to RLJE film, we are giving away two Blu-ray copies of “2067”. Please enter the details in the website’s form and let us know about the Australians in the movie to increase your chances of winning.

8.Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (2017) on 4k Blu-ray

In this giveaway, you will get a copy of a copy of “Disney Beauty and the Beast” (2017) on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray! This is the ultimate collector’s edition, which contains codes for 4k Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray Discs, and digital copies.

To win the giveaway, all you need to do is like our Facebook page and become a fan and repost the giveaway on Facebook. that’s it! A random fan and like will be selected for reposting. If checked, remember that you must follow to receive direct messages on Facebook. Winners will receive prizes shipped via USPS.


Free gifts are only available to residents of the United States. There is only one entry per Facebook account. If you have won one of our free gifts in the past year, you are not eligible. The bonus must actually be claimed within 48 hours. Otherwise, another winner will be selected.

Final verdict

Blu-ray.com offers the best giveaways to everyone who feels like joining the contestant. Registration is free and restricted to only 18+ candidates. Our website provides updated features such as filter, navigation, and search to make your stay seamless. We also provide a simple interface for easy navigation.

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