Everything You Need To Know About the McDonalds Arch Card Balance

According to official data, McDonalds is one of the world’s leading hamburger fast-food chains. McDonalds serves 52 million people daily in more than 100 countries/regions around the world. Founded in 1955, the company currently operates more than 36,900 restaurants worldwide.

McDonalds gift cards are called Arch cards. If you want to buy McDonald’s food at a significant discount, you need to buy a McDonalds arch card balance from a McDonald’s restaurant store in your city. McDonald’s gift cards need to be full to help you buy McDonald’s hamburgers and other foods at low prices.

McDonald’s also offers a gift card service that allows gift card owners to purchase food online or at restaurants. The company currently only offers physical plastic gift cards and does not now offer electronic gift card services.

Why is it called the Arch Card?

The Arch card is named after the Golden Arch, which symbolizes McDonalds. They were included in a chain logo similar to a stylized restaurant in 1962 and 1968. In the current Golden Arch logo, identical to the “M” in “McDonald’s.” They are widely considered to be the most famous logos in the world.

The arch was discovered by Richard MacDonald, an experienced designer. And businessman who was unfamiliar with examples it represented at the time. His intention was practical because he just wants customers to notice them.

How to buy an Individual arch card

If you would like to purchase single arch cards and up to 25, you can visit their local McDonalds restaurant. Moreover, the cards can be bought at some participating retailers nationwide, including Safeway, Giant Eagle, FoodLion, Walgreens, SuperValu, Ahold, Kohls, and Kroger

Similarly, the cards are available in dollars from $ 5 to $ 100, and the card purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Furthermore, the cards never expire, and there are no penalties or dormancy fees. Just remember to keep the activation and top up your receipt. And you will need it to replace a lost or stolen card.

Bulk Purchase of the Arch cards

Actually, it is also possible to buy more than 25 cards at once. To buy them, you have to download a sales form from the McDonalds website, fill it, and then send it in. If your order is over $ 10K, you will get a discount, and you have to use a check to make the purchase. Standard land transport is free; however, rush delivery is available for an additional fee.

Arch card purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. For more information, see the Corporate Sales Guide (PDF 2.9 MB). Keep the activation and top up your receipt. You will need it to replace a lost or stolen card.

How to reload a McDonalds Arch card

Many people currently use the arch card system as an easy way to buy food at McDonalds. Because the card can be reloaded is usually easier to fill by going to the restaurant nearest you to do a reload.

You can replenish your arch card online at any time with your credit card. You can also use your credit card (starting at $ 10) to automatically charge your Arch card value by setting “Auto Top-Up” on McDonald’s Arch Card website. Just be sure to maintain activation and replenish your receipt. You will need it to replace a lost or stolen card.

The Arch card is very trendy and it is of use by many of the fast-food company customers, similarly, many people buy them for these purposes as well.

Replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged Arch card

Yes, if your gift card is lost, or you misplace it, or someone steals it, the company will be glad to replace it. If you actually lose your card or it is stolen, you can initiate a request by calling the McDonalds support (800) 244-6227 immediately to cancel your card. Then fill out the Lost / Stolen Arch Card form and submit it with your original activation receipt. Moreover, please call (800) 244-6227 immediately to cancel and replace the card in case of a damaged card. Finally, it will take 4-6 weeks for the replacement arch card to arrive.

McDonald’s arch cards Giveaway

Tipping can be a powerful incentive for many business relationships. You can reward employees and customers with the Cards. You can also organize raffles and giveaways with the cards as prizes.

For those who love McDonald’s and love contests and enter promotions, this is the best of both worlds. McDonald’s arch cards can be the center of promotions. Similarly, you can run any promos, and customers can win the arch card. If you want to give a McDonald’s gift card as a gift to someone, why not get one as well?

Claim McDonald’s Card Now

How to check the McDonalds arch card balance

With McDonald’s, customers can purchase McDonald’s gift cards and recharge them when and when needed. You can check McDonald’s gift card balance in the following three ways:

  • Checking your card balance is as simple as visiting the McDonald’s Arch Card Balance website.
  • Check your McDonald’s gift card balance over the phone
  • Check your McDonald’s gift card balance at a nearby McDonald’s store/shop

Let’s take a closer look at each of the above methods and check your McDonald’s gift card balance.

Check the balance of McDonald’s gift card online on the McDonald’s website

To check McDonald’s gift card balance online within one minute, you need to follow the simple steps below.

  • Go to the official website of McDonald’s www.mcdonalds.com.
  • Go to the bottom of the homepage and select “Arch card” in the “Services” section.
  • Find and click the “Check Balance” button to open the relevant page.
  • Please enter your 16-digit gift card number (they hide the last four digits; you need to check it in the space).
  • Check the checkout box and click the “Check Balance” button.
  • The balance of the McDonald’s gift card will be on display on the computer screen.

Check the balance of McDonald’s gift card over the phone

If you cannot access the Internet, you can call McDonald’s service hotline to check your gift card balance. Call 1-877-458-2200 for instructions, and then enter your name and McDonald’s gift card number. After reviewing the system, the service manager will provide McDonald’s gift card balance. For reference, please pay attention to the balance of the gift card.

Check your McDonald’s gift card balance at a nearby McDonald’s store/shop

Visiting a McDonald’s store is the easiest way to find out the balance of a McDonald’s gift card. Go to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant and enter your 16-digit gift card number to check the balance. If you don’t know the McDonald’s store/shop’s location, you can find it by clicking the link below.

Whether you are actually planning a birthday party or celebrating a wedding anniversary, visiting McDonald’s is always the best decision. You can also use your McDonald’s gift card balance to attend a party at a McDonald’s branch for a small fee.

Find the restaurant closest to McDonald’s

After accessing the website, you can enter the zip code, city, the state in the search box, click the Submit button, or use the search feature to find the nearest restaurant’s location.

If you find a restaurant near you, go to that location and use the card reader at said location to access your gift card balance information.

How to order a McDonald’s gift card online

After entering the website, please enter the required information in the fields provided to order the following

Enter the sender’s name and email address, select the gift voucher amount/amount, select the gift voucher design, and optionally enter a personalized message in the text box

Select a shipping method. That is an email or printable gift card. By default, the immediate delivery option is available. I chose the delivery date, but you can select the date you like

Finally, enter the recipient’s name and email address in the fields provided and click next to continue

Payment of gift card orders

After confirming payment, the company will process your order and notify you by email after sending your gift card

Note: Digital gift cards and electronic gift cards cannot be replenished. McDonald’s gift cards are also on sale from partner retailers such as Walgreens, Safeway, and Coles.

Benefits of McDonald’s Gift Cards

McDonald’s gift cards have many advantages, including some.

  • McDonald’s Gift Vouchers have no expiration date and no annual management or maintenance costs
  • These gift cards are also in use at participating restaurants in Canada.
  • Gift card users receive special discounts and always receive the latest offers


With more than 36,900 restaurants worldwide, the chances are that you will find a fast-food restaurant near you. With its menu of juicy burgers and breakfast sandwiches, the restaurant boasts over fifty-nine billion people serves since its inception in 1955.

This is all to say that the arch card, its gift card program is virtually available and a unique idea for McDonald’s lovers. The menu offers discounts that are usually not available to the general public, and it’s a great offering as a gift for birthdays, holidays, and graduation presents. So go and grab one for yourself or your loved ones.

Get Your McDonalds Gift Card

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