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The recipient of the Ipsy gift card will use it the same way as a Mastercard or Visa.

You can buy the Ipsy cards online, And from small stores to national brands, millions of retailers can easily buy this gift certificate from many card sellers.

The gift card has the purchase function and typically works like a debit card.

The company allows you to deliver your Ipsy gift cards in your own “ready to use” packaging, including high-quality postcards tailored to your chosen note and design.

You can ship gift cards directly to your or recipients via USPS First Class or Priority Mail. If you’re looking for this gift card, then look no further.

Why you should get this Ipsy Gift Card

Why get this gift card?

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that costs $ 12 per month and provides subscribers with a cosmetic bag containing five luxury cosmetic samples. The products include skincare products, perfumes, nail and skin products, and cosmetics, depending on the user’s preferences, making this a beautiful gift card offered in an exquisite package.

Easy to order and fast delivery

Order online quickly and cheaply. They deliver the gift card to the recipient in just three days.

Easier to use and manage than traditional gift cards

Gift cards are easier to use and manage than traditional gift cards. For example, recipients can easily access their balance by sending an SMS to the number printed on the card’s front. You can also access all your card information online.

Safer than a gift certificate

Gift cards are more secure than gift cards. If your gift card is lost or stolen, you can quickly request a replacement card (see the Cardholder Agreement).

100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Gift Card is a guarantee for 100% satisfaction. Besides, if you or your recipients need help, send an email to support, and they will get you sorted immediately.

Use this gift to find the perfect combination of gifts for all the lovely ladies in your life. Similarly, get meaningful and engaging birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, holidays, greeting cards, healing gifts, and thank you cards.

The Free Ipsy Gift Card sweepstakes

How do I get a free Ipsy gift card?

Honestly, grateful companies often expect rewards. As they said, there is no free lunch here. So your best bet will be to complete an online survey, use the app to earn points, shop online, or participate in other activities to get these free Ipsy gift cards.

If you want to do some work, we’ll show you how to get your free Ipsy gift card in 2021 and how to use the Ipsy app to get free stuff at Ipsy.

You’re an Ipsy fan and want to get a free gift  Ipsy card. Well, these cards are the best gifts you can get and give.

Ipsy products, especially their specialties, are not cheap. When you buy Ipsy every day, you can add a big into your wallet. Their online store is as ipsy and a great place to shop.

Fortunately, there are many ways to save money and use Ipsy to save money without reducing your makeup consumption.

Get Ipsy Gift Certificates for Free

These free Ipsy gift cards can increase your daily budget. During the season, you can use them to get makeup and the latest products without feeling guilty.

Therefore, in today’s post, I will introduce you to some legal ways to get a free Ipsy gift card, so you do not have to spend money every time you visit Ipsy.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in

These free Ipsy gift cards can increase your daily budget. During the season, you can use them to get makeup and the latest products without feeling guilty.

Therefore, in today’s post, I will introduce you to some legal ways to get a free Ipsy gift card, so you do not have to spend money every time you visit Ipsy.


Take advantage of a free Ipsy gift card Bonus and get yourself a free gift card you can use over and over again. Similarly, you can get this card for all the female adult members o your family. Moreover, Ipsy gift cards are easy to send and gift.

You can swap it for different items from the Ipsy store. Make yourself and your friends happy with delicious female products. Besides, Ipsy gift cards are usually valid at the time of purchase.

Otherwise, go to to activate, register, check your balance, and, if necessary, top-up. You can also check the balance and shop until the entire balance is used for future visits.

You just have to pay with an Ipsy card to make a purchase, and there are other benefits. More information on these benefits can be found below.

These gift cards do not have an expiration date, so collect as many as possible and use them only when you are ready.

How do I get a free Ipsy gift card?

There are several online websites that you can use to try and get this gift card. Most of them include filling out surveys and completing some other tasks online.


Use Swagbucks to get yourself a free card. This company is one of the most popular and reliable GPT (Get Pay) sites. To date, they have paid over $ 300 million in gift cards and cash to a massive 15 million members.

Swagbucks rewards daily tasks like searching the web, watching movies, completing surveys, and playing online games. Each completed job is awarded “Swagbucks” (SB) points (1000SB points are approximately $10).

Imagine Swagbucks allows you to redeem these points for free Ipsy or PayPal Cash gift cards. They currently offer $ 5 gift cards, $ 10, $ 25, and $ 50 gift cards to Ipsy. You can also get a free $ 100 Ipsy gift card if you want. Similarly, Invite your friends to earn more SB points.

Sign up using the bonus link to receive a $ 5 free bonus on your Ipsy gift card. The website welcomes members from the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia.


With PointClub, you can earn points in so-called “missions.” As a fancy name for surveys, the company pays anywhere between 500 and more than 2,500 points. The longer you use the platform, the more bonuses you can get.

In addition to missions, you can earn points by completing offers on several menu programs, watching TV, and browsing content. There is a lot to do. You need at least 25,000 points to payout, which is a bit more than most companies, but they make it easier for you and give you a $5 bonus if you follow a simple checklist when you signup. Participation in Point Club is 100% free and is supported by the renowned research company Innovate MR.


Want to have fun and get rewarded for it? As the name implies, LifePoints allows you to earn points by completing online surveys anytime, anywhere.

Registration is free, and once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for a variety of free gift cards, including Starbucks, if you wish.

Since 2014, the company has paid more than $32 million to its members, making it one of the largest and most respected research companies on the web.

Rebel price

I love PrizeRebel. So much so that I carefully examined my thoughts on why this is one of the best ways to earn rewards, including Ipsy gift cards, online.

If you are actually looking for ways to make money and earn rewards this way, PrizeRebel should be at the top of your list.

In short, PrizeRebel rewards you for completing surveys, watching videos, making simple offers, completing tasks, and even participating in their daily challenges.

And like many of the options I mention here if you sign up at least twice a week, there’s no reason you can’t get a Starbucks gift card in just 24 hours.

To sign up for PrizeRebel, visit Please fill in your profile carefully to qualify for most of the surveys they offer if you are interested.

Final Thoughts

You can quickly get a free ipsy gift card so you can get their women products without spending a dime of your own money. Most of the companies that run these contests and web promotions require that you do a survey or two, which is not really bad considering. The companies will offer various points, from completing surveys to watching videos, playing games, and filling out offers.

I highly recommend you focus on the survey section for these companies, so that’s where you get the most points. The more of these survey panels you sign up for, the easier it is to make decent money per month, as you will find a lot of survey offers in your inbox.

And yes, just in case you might be interested in one of the benefits, they offer a free gift card as soon as you get lots of non-cash points.

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