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Fans of today’s show will love the klgandhoda com giveaway from KLG and Hoda. Every week, viewers can visit the site klgandhoda.com to participate in the raffle. And get the chance to win a special prize at Kathie Lee & Hoda’s TODAY show.

What is the Kathie Lee & Hoda’s Today show?

On April 7, 2008, Katie Lee Gifford became a part of the 4th hour of the NBC daytime talk show. The Today Show with Hoda Kotb. They formed the Kathie Lee & Hoda’s Today show, which created its own website and social media.

There are no news or weather clips (if it is broadcast for 4 hours at 10 am. Except for local news broadcast in the first 30 minutes of some NBC stations). There is one more input, and its actual structure is as follows. An independent talk show with “host chat” as the opening remarks. Reminiscent of the live popularity of Gifford and Regis Philbin!

In addition to Regis and Kathie Lee, we also conducted interviews. And special reports on entertainment, fashion, and other female audiences topics.

In most US markets in the Central and Pacific Time Zone. Kathie Lee & Hoda competes with ABC’s The View, and CBS’s The Price Is Right. But most Eastern Time Zone broadcasters use ABC and CBS.

In some markets, there will be tape delays when the show is broadcast. And it may be broadcast in the morning. Or afternoon at the discretion of the broadcaster to make room for local news and joint programming. Finally, on a sad note, Kathie Lee Gifford left the today show in 2019.

The klgandhoda com giveaway

There have been many giveaways in the eleven years run of the show iteration with Kathy and Hoda. Some of the most noteworthy ones, which included a dream wedding and a trip to London during the royal wedding, captivated the audience and millions of their followers on TV. We have shared them below.

1.Dream Wedding

Win your dream wedding with Katie Lee and Hoda today

The Today show organized a dream wedding giveaway with Zola (a company that aims to simplify wedding plans. And provide free wedding websites, dream trips, etc.). The winning couples with the help company were to wed on the show.

However, that was not the only fun of the contest. Similarly, the audience at home also had the opportunity to vote for everything, from cakes and rings to dresses and honeymoons. And as a reward WWE legend, John Cena was to host the wedding. The contest included contestants sending a video with an explanation on why they wanted to get married.

2.Royal Retreat Giveaway Sweepstakes

In the Today Show, Kathy Lee and Hoda celebrated the royal wedding. By allowing a lucky audience member to win a royal retreat holiday in London.

To actually participate, all one had to do was visit the TODAY Show website. And follow the instructions provided to submit the entry form.

Anyone could enter, and they could also do it more than once. However, the Royal Retreat Giveaway Sweepstakes. Are only available to residents of the 48 continents of the United States or the District of Columbia (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and other US territories). ) And one had to be at least 18 years old at the beginning of the contest. The lucky winner had the Grand Prize, which includes a UK trip for the winners and a guest.

3.Toast To Ten Sweepstakes

The toast to ten sweepstakes celebrated the show’s tenth anniversary. For ten days, they offered winners a chance for fans. To visit a different location where they had hosted the show before and in the ten years.

4.The Halloween Costume Contest

KLG and Hoda gave away a chance for a family to win a trip to Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights in 2018. All you actually did was go to the website and share your family’s Halloween costume. The best costume won the trip.

5.2019 Giveaway

Each week, viewers were asked to visit klgandhoda.com. And actually, enter the Sweepstakes for a great chance to win a specific. And an extra special prize that was actually featured on the show.

Official contest rules:

Who can enter?

Lucky draws for KLG and Hoda have reached the age of 18 in one of the 48 continents of the United States or the District of Columbia (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the draw begins), and in other parts of the United States. If you have reached the legal age limit, then you can participate.

What is the contest?

The contest will include items and products exhibited at Kathie Lee & Hoda’s TODAY show.

Who are the winners of the KLG and Hoda contest?

The list of winners will be available after the contest. Please mail your envelope to the following address by May 12, 2019. NBCUniversal, KLG, and Hoda will ship today. 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NY, NY 10112.

The klgandhoda com giveaways winning tips:

How to Enter the daily draw every day

This is the only legal way to win prizes in a random lottery, which makes you better than others in the competition.

Think about it if we both participate in a raffle where each person is only allowed one entry. Then we all have an equal chance of winning.

However, if you apply for a lottery that can be used every day and only apply once every day for a month, you will win 30 times more frequently.

Another way of looking at it is this. 10 people participate in a drawing every day for a month. Similarly, 8 of them participate once, and 2 of them participate every day for one month.

When It’s time to draw lots, of the 68 entries, 60 belong to two users who participated every day.

Who do you think will win? The numbers used in this example are impractical, but you can change the numbers, and the calculation results remain the same.

Besides, if you really want to win something, it’s time to regularly enter some daily contests instead of entering many individual sweepstakes. If you are an occasional player and participate in sweepstakes, please stick to a single one. If you want to win this particular contest, do it as many times as possible, especially if they allow multiple entries.

FAQS about the show

Below w have covered some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the show.

Who hosted today’s show with Hoda?

Kathie Lee Gifford was the other host opposite Hoda for eleven years till 2019 until Jenna took over from her.

When did Hoda and Jenna come back to the show?

Jenna Bush Hager returned to “Today with Hoda and Jenna” on Monday after welcoming her son Hal in August. Her co-host, Hoda Kotb, returned to the show in September after welcoming her daughter Hop.

Do Hoda and Kathy ever come back on the today show?

On February 26, 2019, Jenna Bush Hager replaced Gifford in the fourth hour of today after Gifford resigned on April 5, 2019. Kathy has not been back since then.

How to write today’s show?

Please mail to 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, 10112, New York, or call (212) 664-4602.

How to send a message to the “Today” program?

Please email us your questions and comments, including your name, text message, and the best way to get in touch with us. For media inquiries, please email NBCNewsMediaRelations@nbcuni.com or call 212-413-6142.

What happened to Hoda and Jenna?

In 2019,  Jenna Bush joined Hoda.” Today’s name has been changed to “Hoda & Jenna” since then.

How can I watch today’s live show to participate in the contests?

By subscribing to various streaming services and other online outlets as well NBC lives streams on your computer via the Hulu website or the Hulu app on your phone, tablet, or streaming device.

Who is playing today at today’s show?

Every and any artist worth their salt are among the many artists performing live at TODAY Square this summer.

Where is today’s show located?

Studio 1A is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, on 48th Avenue between 5th and 6th Avenues.


If you follow the above suggestions and start participating in the daily lottery, you need to get organized. This is the only way you will actually keep track of what you are doing and hopefully win many contests.

The Contests also allows you to add private notes to the list of draws, create lists of private draws that may not be on the website, and so on.

Try it. You will understand what I mean. To participate in these contests, you need to log in to the website everyday and submit your entry. Since each list is personalized, the website needs to know who you want to provide the correct list. Any information provided when creating a username and password is considered sensitive information, and since you are already registered, you will not be subscribed to a mailing list.

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