Enter Code- Win Game at McDonald’s

For the enter code to work, you need to Scan/enter the code to win the 2020 Lotto McDonald’s prize on the site and have the opportunity to enjoy four days, five days, and four nights at the McDonald’s at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.

Moreover, do you want to play at McDonald’s and get free vacation tickets?  People in the United States and other parts of the world always choose McDonald’s because of their food cravings. And now your cravings can win you a vacation.

What is McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is a fast-food chain. It provides many fast food options to solve your food cravings. There are more than 38,695 restaurants in this food chain, with more than 210,000 employees working.

Richard and Maurice McDonald founded the restaurant in the United States in 1940. We sell all kinds of chicken sandwiches, French fries, chicken, breakfast, meals, desserts, and sodas.

Furthermore, by attracting people to like McDonald’s, Scan was introduced and won many awards.

What is Magimatmcd?

Magicatmcd is a ticket to win games provided by McDonald’s. And, the adventure game winner will get a free trip to the Walt Disney World Resort and receive other awards such as gift cards and food awards.

Therefore, you can connect to www.MagicAtMcD.Com to visit McDonald’s website to seize the opportunity quickly. You can enter and get many rewards from Scan, including winning tickets to the game.

How do I get game tickets from enter code?

If you go to the nearest McDonald’s store, you have a chance to win tickets to the game. While stocks last, you can receive promotional happy lunch boxes.

Usually, the toys in the Happy Meal Box provided by McDonald’s include tickets to win other award-winning free travel games.

Besides, each game ticket has a barcode and a numeric code, and the Magimathmcd application or website can be used simultaneously.

Furthermore, for more information, please visit the scan website or the McDonald’s store nearest you.

How to play McDonald’s Hop Aboard Contest Lucky Draw? scans / enters the toy code in the Happy Lunch Box with the theme of Mickey and Minnie Railroad Loss.

McDonald’s App:

You can play “Jump and win the lottery” with the McDonald’s app. During the game, click the Springboard to Win the Lottery promotion tab in the app. And follow the instructions to complete the game registration process. Besides, for immediate playback after login, “Scan Code” scans the 2D barcode. Alternatively, enter the 12-digit alphanumeric code found on your game ticket, click Scan Code, and then click Add Code Manually.

Log in from the website:

Firstly, Go to the Magic At MCD website And log in to your Happy Meal account (if you already have an account (if you haven’t already registered, complete the registration process), Click. Click Add Code and enter a valid MagicAtMcD code to receive the game.

Furthermore, There is no need to buy anything. Just send a piece of paper with a handwritten name, address, city, state, zip code, daytime phone number. Furthermore, put it in an envelope, and send it to the hops Riding to win the lucky draw. P.O. Box 49248, Stearnsville, Ohio, 44149-0248.

Similarly, the upper left corner of the mailing envelope must contain a reply address that matches the return address. The postmark must be by January 19, 2021, and received by January 25, 2021.

McDonald’s Hop Awards debut

How do I get a match ticket?

Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railroad Happy Lunch Boxes are limited in quantity. As soon as it’s out of stock, you’ll get a coded MCD Game Magic Ticket. Each McDonald’s “Jump to Win Ticket” game ticket contains one 2D barcode and a 12-digit alphanumeric code.

Each code is valid once, and the gameplay is available on the McDonald’s application (“Application”) or the MagicAtMcD.con website.

McDonald’s employees cannot participate in the “MCD Game Magic Contest.”

How to play at MagicAtMcd?

Similarly, to play on, you must first register for a McDonald’s “Happy Meal Account.” If you are a returning user, you can use your existing account. After creating an account or logging in, people can play this game on the McDonald’s app or the official website.

Play with the McDonald’s app:

Download the McDonald’s app and install it on your smartphone. Then select “Frozen 2” to sign up and enjoy a happy meal. Then follow the online instructions on the phone screen to get the code and play to win various great prizes.

Furthermore, follow the screen’s required steps to enter and accept the game code on the official website After entering the relevant code you received successfully, a notification will be displayed on the screen if the individual is the winner.

Get a Game Card-MagicAtMcd

During the purchase process:

During the promotion period, purchase a licensed Happy Meal “Frozen 2” toy box at participating McDonald’s restaurants and get an official ticket to win the game.

On the same side, each game voucher contains the same alphanumeric input code as the 2D barcode. It can only be used once to play on the McDonald’s app or official website.

Moreover, regardless of getting the code, the aim of each input code is one game and one game per participant per day. The MagicAtMcd Awards are a five-day, four-night vacation (each for winners), with three visitors at Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.

Besides, the winner of each particular game’s Grand Prize will receive a $ 25 electronic gift. The total ARV for all awards available in the game is $ 25,983,014. To get big prizes and a list of game-winners, send a SASE to the McDonald’s Winners List (P.O) Clearinghouse to win a game ticket. Box 1132, Chicago, IL60690.

Win tickets in the MagicAt McD jackpot

By playing the “McDonald’s Winning Lottery” game on MagicAt Mcd, individuals can win many great prizes. Below is detailed information on each award that players can earn by earning four votes from McDonald’s Toy Story on

Eight prizes:

Each winner will receive a five-day, four-day family trip to Walt Disney World Resort and several vouchers and coupons.

Besides, the Orlando Florida itinerary includes round-trip hotel services, economy class tickets, and 4-day and 5-day tickets to all four theme parks (Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney Animals Park). I will. The theme is the kingdom.

250 Jackpot:

The winner of each game will receive a $ 25 Disney Gift Card. This gift card can be used at Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World Resort, and some participating hotels in the Disney Store in Puerto Rico, USA.

Meal and Food Awards at

Within these McdAventures, people can win more than 17 million food awards and win the competition. These include:

  • 1,708,650 happy meals. ARV: $ 3.88
  • 7688925 4 chicken oatmeal. ARV: $ 1.50
  • 7,688,925 hamburger. ARV: $ 1.01

Furthermore, the grand prize trip includes economy class round-trip flights between Orlando International Airport and affiliated hotels, as well as four-night hotel comfort. 2020 rules

Lottery Qualifications: This lottery is only available to 50 legal residents of the District of Columbia, USA, who are 18 years of age at the time of entry.

Lucky Draw Period: The magic of McD Hop wins the draw. The 2020 draw will begin at 00:00 Eastern Time (E.T.) on November 17, 2020, and end at 23:59:59. January 18, 2021, New York time.

Prizes: 15 lucky winners

Grand Prix (15): Lucky winners include four-day (4) people to enjoy a five-day, four-night vacation at Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.

The itinerary includes round-trip travel, economy-class air travel, round-trip ground transfers, and 4-night hotel accommodation (resort-level value, one room with two queen-sized beds).


Winners and Each Guest Receive 4 Day One Park Tickets, Each Ticket Valid for One Day (Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park), Receives U.S. $ 750 Disney eGift Gift Card and Check I will. For $ 3,280, the winner can use it to tax or decide for himself. The approximate retail price (“ARV”) for each award is $ 10,985.


McDonald’s fast-food chain has launched an exciting offer. Many users took advantage of this offer through Magimatmcd in 2019. The restaurant chain once again announced scan codes that offer free vacation trips and many other winning opportunities.

You can get tickets by going to the nearest McDonald’s store. However, I cannot access to scan when I check the Internet. Therefore, we encourage users to check all information before using this offer.

Moreover, you can actually play the game without buying anything. All you need to do is mail a piece of paper with a return address on McDonald’s envelope at the address above. In turn, they will send you back the entry ticket and all the instructions on how to play and the eligibility rules and requirements.

Besides, Mcdonalds is one of the top food chains globally, and this contest is a chance for the company to appreciate its customers and enjoy the company and stay loyal customers. The prize is big enough that everyone should take the opportunity to try it and win the trip of a lifetime.

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