Defend Family Contest: A Complete and Effective Guide

The Defend Family Contest is a simple giveaway. Actually, but it has some controversy surrounding it because it is primarily around the subject of firearms. Simply put, the contest winner gets to take home $1000 worth of for your choice of guns.

There are literally thousands of contests and sweepstakes online today. Legitimate and reputable companies operate most, but others are suspicious and are just a way to collect email addresses. The secret is to find a fair contest.

Suppose you want to participate in this Online Family Contest. You need to know a few things, such as filling out contest forms.

The Defend Family contest covers a coupon style offer on

The site sells many types of weapons. So that the contest winner will get $1000 towards a gun of their choice on their site, there you will also receive a free book and the coupon for purchasing the weapon of your choice. Similarly, there will be three lucky winners.

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How do I participate in a Defend gun gift?

Follow the steps below, and you will be able to enter the giveaway.

  • Please visit our website at during the gift period.
  • Once on the giveaway page, fill out the registration form with all the required information and follow the online instructions.
  • During the gift period, only one person, email address, and one membership per household can apply.
  • Enter the lucky draw
  • Please actually read the rules and terms of use.
  • Enter your details correctly and submit
  • Don’t forget to check the confirmation email.

Who Can Participate: Your gun gift is open only to all residents of the 50 US states. And the District of Columbia, who is over the age of 18 when they enter the draw.

Sponsor: Solutions Marketing LLC, located at 447 Garden city Drive, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37127, Tennessee.

Lottery Awards: Three lucky participants will receive a $ 1,000 check to purchase the weapon of their choice.

Winner Selection: The Company will select actual winners via a random draw after the contest. All winners will be notified by email shortly after that.

Duration: The Defend Family Gun Giveaway begins on March 10, 2020, to December 31, 2020.

Prizes: Buy selected guns with a check or virtually a coupon code of $1,000.

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Official gifts and Eligibility rules

You don’t have to buy to apply or win. Even if you buy it, your chances of winning will not increase.


The “Defend Family Contest ” (“Giveaway”) is only available to those over the age of 18 on the registration date. And by registering on the online gift page. Gifts are only available to legal US residents and are not valid where prohibited by law. Employees of Defend (“Promoters”), their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising.

And promotion agencies, suppliers and their close relatives, and/or individuals living in the same household in each household participate in the gift. They are not eligible to do so. Gifts are actually subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The prohibited place is invalid.

Rule Compliance:

By attending this event, you agree to be full. And unconditionally bound by these rules and represent and warrant that you meet the eligibility requirements set forth herein. Besides, you agree to accept the promoter’s decision as to the final content decision. Gifts are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Contest period:

Online registration will be from March 10, 2020, to December 31, 2020.

How to apply:

Before you can apply for a gift, you must submit it using the gift website’s online form. The entry must meet all the gift requirements specified to be eligible for the award. The promoter reserves the right to decide whether to enter incomplete entries. Or entries that do not comply with the rules or specifications.

You can enter it only once, and you need to enter the required information. You do not have to enter more than one email address, ID, or device representation to bypass the rule. The promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion. To remove a submission from eligibility if it uses fraudulent methods or otherwise attempts to circumvent the rules.


Winners have an award with the actual or an estimation of the award’s value and cannot combine the award with other offers. Only three real rewards will be given in total.

The sponsor must ultimately decide the specific Content of the prize. Substitution of money or other prizes will not happen unless the sponsor chooses to on his own.

Prizes are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for all costs associated with the award, including but not limited to federal, state, and local taxes. Similarly, you cannot substitute prizes, transfer/transfer prizes to others, or require the winner to claim a cash equivalent.

Besides, unless prohibited by law, receipt of awards is deemed to allow Defend Family to use the winner’s name, portrait, or entry for advertising and trading purposes.


The odds to win depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Winner Selection and Notification:

The Gift winners are chosen randomly by the sponsor. Winners will then be notified by email within five days of their selection to enter the prize email address. Furthermore, the promoter is not responsible for the winner’s failure to inform due to spam, other winner security settings, or the winner providing incorrect or invalid contact information.

Similarly, if the selected winners cannot be contacted, are not eligible, prizes are not collected within 15 days of the award notification date, or completed and executed declarations and releases are not returned within the required time limit. Prizes may be confiscated and waited for. The winner was chosen.

Acceptance of the winners of the prizes offered in this gift is subject to compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. Suppose the winner violates these official rules (by the sole decision of the sponsor). In that case, such a winner will be disqualified as a donor, and all privileges as a winner will be immediately revoked.

Rights Granted by User:

By entering this Content, the user is legally permitted by Defend Family or its agents, heirs, and successors’ representatives without notice, revision, or consent. Understand that you have the right.

Rights granted: Defend Family Contest

Where permitted by law, publishing this Content is a person acting on behalf of The Defend Family or their respective licensors, heirs, and assigns. The names, portraits, photos, voices, portraits of participants and winners above or currently known announcements, comments, or permanently or permanently known worldwide. Pictures or statements about gifts and news, advertisements, biographical information, and information will not be compensated for commercial, advertising, advertising, or promotional purposes.


If viruses, loopholes, unauthorized human intervention, fraud, or other reasons cause damage, Defend Family reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the gifts at its sole discretion. Otherwise, it will affect the management, safety, fairness, or fairness of the gifts. In this case,

Defend Family may select the recipient from all eligible items received (if applicable) before and/or after the auction. Reserves the right to cancel tampering, attempting to tamper with, or violating these terms of use, registration process, gifts, or website operations at its sole discretion.

Defend Family reserves the right to retain the integrity of giveaway and invalidate the vote at its sole discretion, for reasons including but not limited to: multiple entries of the same user from different IP addresses. Multiple entries on the same computer are beyond the scope of the gift rules. Or use robots, macros, scripts, or other technical inputs.

Participants’ attempts to deliberately damage the website or damage the gifts’ legal functions may violate criminal and civil laws. If such attempts are made, we reserve the right to ask someone for damages. Maximum range permitted by law.


By joining Defend Family and its subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies, partners, representatives, agents, successors, assigns, employees, managers, and directors, you agree to be harmless and harmless harm. (I) The participation and acceptance, possession, use, or abuse of such participants, whether directly or indirectly due to negligence or not.

Any type of technical failure, including but not limited to death, loss, lawsuit, claim or damages or any part thereof, (ii) failure of a computer, cable, network, hardware or software. (Iii) Unavailable or unable to use mail, telephone, or Internet services. (Iv) Unauthorized human intervention in any part of the registration or promotion process. (V) Human or Electronic errors that may occur in promotion management or registration processing.


Regardless of any legal conflicts, this gift is governed by the United States and Missouri laws. As a condition of participating in this gift, attendees will be able to resolve all unresolved disputes between the parties and any litigation related to or related to the gift without the need to appeal any form of class.

Only when the courts in Missouri have jurisdiction. Besides, in such disputes and the actual self-compensation of the participants, the participants shall not waive all rights to demand discipline, incidental or consequential damages under any circumstances. Fees (that is, expenses related to participating in this gift), and participants also waived all rights to double or increase the loss.


The contest may be for gun lovers, but it is one of the better ones out there. With $1000, you can get yourself several firearms or a pistol and bullets and other accessories as well. I would recommend that you try your luck. then go to the Signup Form Here official site for further information.

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