The 5 Best Things About Giveaway City

About Giveaway city

Giveaway city gives you an exceptional chance to win luxury items without paying anything. It is as simple as downloading the app from the Apple app store or android, install and start watching the giveaway videos. You can also follow up these programs from the TV show. Giveaway city will provide you with an open list of giveaways. They are free to enter, and there is no personal information required. The only requirement for the entire giveaway is an account.

We will announce the winner through live video, TV show as well as our social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, among others.  Make sure you follow us to stay posted regarding all our giveaways, competitions as well as announcements. We mainly focus on creating a go-to web site or platform where you will get great giveaways. We have added amazing features that will give you a great experience.  They include:

Automatic refresh

Once you open our web page and you are staying there, it will keep on refreshing. This ensures that you access all up-to-date giveaway lists. We bring you the latest offers by displaying new giveaways at the top as well remove the expired ones.


Make good use of the ‘filter’ feature and only view a specific giveaway that interests you. This saves you time and energy, as you will only be able to see what you want to see. You can also customize this feature by entering your preference as well as specifications so that you do not have to view everything.


We will notify you about the latest giveaways matching your filter criteria. The page will vibrate or play a sound depending on the type of your device. This lets you know about a new giveaway that is making its way to our page.  This feature only works if the website is running in a browser window. You can also synchronize your notifications in a way that every time a new product is listed, a pop-up appears on your screen.

Customized experience

Did you know that you could customize these features to suit your needs? You can set and have all your preferences on your device. This one will help you access everything easily every time you visit the page.

Entry tracking

Every time you click on any giveaway, the color changes automatically. It helps you save time as you can easily tell which items are remaining on the giveaway list. You will also know all the items that Amazon removes from the list.

Mobile friendly

We bring you an amazing web that looks great at any screen size. The graphics are amazing, and you will fall in love with its design. This site adopts a simple interface that makes it possible for users to navigate easily and carry out their activities properly. In simple reality, this site is very usable regardless of screen resolution or your device type.

What makes giveaway city unique

As a new website, Giveaway City will provide you an up-to-date list of Amazon Giveaways to make work easier for you. Have you ever participated in an Amazon Giveaway? Well, this platform gives you a chance to participate in a contest and win a prize. Can you imagine that you can use your Amazon account and win a different prize? They range from kindle books to iPads to iPhone to Paper poll books, to mention but a few.

We will not even request any payment. Moreover, all your information is safe with us, as we will not share it with a third party. You will win quite a number of these giveaways instantly, while others are sweepstakes as well as drawings where we select the winner from all the submissions at the end of the contest.

How Amazon account helps to win in Giveaway City

Did you know that you could win free stuff with amazon Giveaway Bot? The bot consists of the following features.

  • Real-time notifications
  • Customizable filters
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • CAPTCHA solving

Through this Bot, you will view all the Amazon giveaway lists as well as the items won. A bot is a perfect tool not only for the contenders but for Amazon as well. They help in running a giveaway campaign perfectly. This is because they have a higher engagement than email.

How to use Amazon Giveaways

Many people who show interest in Giveaway city are keen to find out how to get amazon giveaway. Do not panic, as we will guide you on how to do it. This is a brief overview of how a giveaway on Amazon works:

  • Buy your goods at full cost
  • Amazon gives you this merchandise for free
  • It is vital to go through the Amazon giveaway odds and know specific odd for your merchandise.
  • Amazon displays the number of items to giveaway through the Amazon Giveaway Bot. contenders will choose the number of entries to accept.
  • All the customers will enter into this contest free as long as they watch a giveaway video of the product before they enter.
  • Amazon will then display Amazon winner list, after which it will offer non-winners a discount code to buy the item.

You can learn more about how giveaways work by vising Amazon Giveaways page. Keep in mind that these contests are normally addictive.

Top 5 best giveaways on Giveaway city

1.Kindle books

Amazon offers the biggest selection of Kindle eBooks as well as audiobooks. They are rich in literature and fiction, foreign languages, religion, science fiction, and mystery. Giveaway city links you to these great offers, and surprisingly, you will have a chance to participate in a contest and win such amazing books.

2.Custom devices

Do you know that you can be lucky to win one of the giveaways devices on They include iPad mini, iPhone, TVs, Phones, iPad Keyboard, Game Consoles, Computers tablets, and audio devices. The 21st century is a technological era. Almost three-quarters of the world’s population use this new tech and devices.

Many people are now walking with computers in your pockets in the form of tablets and smartphones. They are able to listen to music and even operate their businesses virtually. gives you a chance to participate in a contest and win a iPad mini. Do not hesitate; this is the chance to try your luck.

3.Paperpack books

Paperpack is a type of book that features thick paper as well as a paperboard cover. The cover and the papers are glued together with glue. Some of such books are ‘First Little Readers, Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird and the Body Keeps the Score’ among others. GiveawayCity.Com gives you an opportunity to win one of these books on Amazon Giveaways. Hurry and register while the offer still exists!

4.Folding Exercise bike

Do you look forward to getting your cardio fitness levels up? This exercise bike is the easiest way to achieve this. This is a perfect item for those who want to achieve physical fitness but lack time to visit a gym. These bikes are convenient and safest. They can be a bit costly; that is why Giveaway is giving it away in the form of a price.

5.Digital Caliper

Are you doing woodwork and wish to achieve accurate measurements? This is a perfect tool used to measure and fit joints, set cutting depths, and checkboard thickness while planning. This tool also appears on the Amazon giveaway list for you to win.

These are just part of the giveaways that you will enjoy if you decide to participate in this contest. It is simple and clear. Register, enter a contest, and win. Do you want to be our next winner? Winning is very easy; pick a completion, participate actively, watch our videos and TV shows, and be our winner.

Most Common prize on Giveaway city

The most common giveaway is the amazon egift card.

What is the Amazon egift card?

With your Amazon gift card, you can shop anywhere in the world’s largest online store. Amazon Gifts is a great way to shop on without adding personal credit and debit card details. As long as it suits you, you can use Amazon gift cards, and you can enjoy stress-free payments. In addition, you don’t have to worry about expiring your Amazon gift points.

How to use Amazon egift cards?

To use an Amazon gift card, go to your Amazon account, click on gift cards and fees, click on use gift cards, and enter the gift card code. And you can use these funds to make purchases on

Receive an Amazon egift card in seconds

Choose the gift card you want to buy, pay with a secure payment method, and you will receive the gift card from the specified email address. The code can be used immediately in your Amazon account and used as a payment method when you shop on

If you encounter any problems when using Amazon Gift Card, please contact our customer service to resolve the problem.

How to pay with Amazon gift card?

Once you have decided what to use Amazon Gift Card points for, you can choose it at checkout. And choose to pay with your Amazon gift points, and then you will buy it with your points. After purchasing the goods, you can check how much credit you have left or whether you have not yet the full balance.

Can I pay with an Amazon gift card and debit/credit card at the same time?

You can use Amazon gift cards and regular credit/debit cards in the same transaction. Amazon gives priority to using Amazon points. This also means that you can use a debit/credit card to pay the rest if you have an unpaid balance.

How much can I add to an Amazon gift card?

Use a gift card of $5, 10, 15, 15, 20, 25, 50, or 100 to purchase the appropriate Amazon voucher. When you purchase an Amazon gift card, you will immediately receive a code that can be used to charge your account.

There is no limit to the amount of credit you can add to your Amazon account. In other words, you can add any number of gift cards. In addition, once you redeem Amazon Gift Card points, these credits will never expire, so you don’t have to spend all of them at once.

The perfect giveaway and gift for everyone

Amazon gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion. So whether you put an Amazon egift card in someone’s birthday gift, wedding gift, or Christmas stocking, it can be used on any occasion.

There are many ways to receive an Amazon egift card from the giveaway. All you need is an email sent directly containing the code you received online, or print the email and put it on your card.

All confirmation emails contain concise instructions on the gift card’s value, the gift code that can be used to redeem credits, and how to use the gift card in your Amazon account.

Features of the gift ecard

  • com Gift Cards never expire and are free.
  • Gift cards come in several models and sizes.
  • It can be used with millions of items on the entire store or on some related websites.
  • We can deliver it immediately. Gift cards sent by email can be arranged one year in advance.
  • Gift cards are not returned or refunded.
  • com egift cards can only be used to actually purchase eligible products and services on and certain related websites in accordance with the Gift Card Terms of Service.

How to go about Giveaways City

As mentioned earlier, our web page adopts a simple interface making it easy to navigate and achieve your target.  Once you are on the Giveaway City page, go to the giveaway list. You will notice a small product image beside every brief production description. Click on the image, and it will redirect you to a larger version of the product. Click on the product image, and it automatically leads you to the product page on


Giveaway City is a platform that provides a list of open giveaways. They do the homework of searching for the giveaways ad list all the products for you. This web site offers additional features such as filter, automatic refresh, notification, navigation as well as entry tracking. These features will enhance your experience as you go about Amazon giveaways.

Participants only require an account and enjoy the opportunity of finding the best giveaways. This page will protect all your information and will not share with third parties. The secret behind winning a giveaway is knowing the Amazon giveaway odds, lists, and bots.

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