How To Get Some Free Headphones Samples Online

Electronic companies have promotions that give out free headphones samples to winners if they purchase their products. For example, a cell phone maker will offer free headphones or earphones to complement the purchase. Nowadays, phones come with cheap earphones. However, the promo will include some top-level headphones like the Beats by Dre.

These headphones are some of the best available, so they are worth it to win them in a promo. If you are going to try to win, you should go for the very best headlines on the market, right? And there are no better headphones than the Beats by Dre.

The pitch

Usually, headphone companies will find bloggers. And musicians and even journalists that cover the industry then ship them new products. After they test the product and write a review about it. They then give away the headphones as promotional items. So am sure that the script below is something that you have come across online.

“I’ve been a headset fanatic for years and spent countless hours using them with my laptop at work. And when working out and the phones I use at home. We are happy to hear that some top headphones makers are releasing new headphones to the market.

My first reaction is that marketing relays like sports and city phones may not be suitable for free giveaways.

So, when the company started searching for headphone giveaway promoters, I commissioned many roles and tested the headphones.

The actual first thing you really notice about the Beats By Dre. It needs to fully plug into the ear to focus on the bass response and stereo image. Fortunately, there are four sizes of earplugs for each type of ear (using the second largest earplug). This headphone has an obvious bass boost, but it looks completely unnatural, like some phone brands.

What I particularly like about the headphones. It is the lively way of music that allows you to hear both stereo and musical details. You can hear several layers of detail, especially in music. Compared to the other headphones, the keys, strings, and vocals are musically sharper, very clear, and instantaneous.

I liked this headphone so much that I questioned whether the company is focusing on selling this phone for sports and urban use only. My first anxiety is unfound because we have found the ideal depth for listening that professionals should have.

free headphone samples

This free headphones samples earphone is by a Grammy winner.

These headphones are by legendary musician and documenting producer Beats Master Dr. Dre and Interscope and Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Irvine. Together these heavyweights in the music industry created an exclusive and sought after masterpiece.

Their three years of desire to create a higher definition, powerful bass, and high-power output came to pass with one of the top collections of headphones and earphones.

The Beats By Dre features power isolation technology to cut off the external interference to bring music with pure and clear sound. The headphones and earphones can change your life when you are longing for peace. And can give the purest sound.

The headphones adopt a 40mm unit and electronic amplifier; they make earphones that can relay an intensive sound, meticulous treble, and vigorous low-frequency.

Besides, Beats by Dr. Dre use a relatively thick ears cover, strengthen the comfort when wearing. Collectively they used an audio tracks expert team that utilized excellent loudspeaker patterns. And vibrant isolation techniques and noise-canceling provide higher definition music that any music aficionado will love and cherish.

How to participate in the first giveaway

When it comes to a headphone giveaway based on phone purchases, most of the typical rules go like this. First, as a consumer, you must purchase carefully selected smartphone promo packages and then follow the next steps:

  1. There is always a website that you have to visit and provide information in an online form, containing the following information:
  • First name
  • Street name
  • IMEI number
  • Mobile number
  • Email
  • Successful registration details will be via email to each participant
  1. After entering their IMEI and phone number. The participants will be advised to check the delivery status after the contest is over for progress reports.
  2. Winners are usually announced 48-72 hours after the contest is over.
  3. Usually, offers cannot be transferred, exchanged, or redeemed for cash. Suppose the winner does not redeem the offer within the specified time and method. The entrant will have to give up a winning chance, and the deal usually cannot be exchanged for cash.

How to participate in the second giveaway

The second common giveaway usually involves filling up some offers online. You need to complete a 3 steps survey to qualify for the free pair of Dr. Dre Headphones. And sometimes, there is a restriction to only valid for US customers or other geographical locations.

The offer usually involves some unique headphones giveaway with the following features.

Monster Cable – Great sound doesn’t happen without great cable. Advanced Quadruple 4 twisted pair construction reduces signal loss for perfectly balanced sound and extreme clarity.

Extreme Comfort – Feel the actual music, not just headphones. With plush ear cushions covered with ultra-soft breathable materials keep you cool, even during marathon listening sessions.

Scratch-Resistant Gloss Finish and ready for various smartphones, music systems, and other devices like computers and tablets.

Noise Cancelling Features – Active noise-reduction earphones and passive noise-reduction headphones will be the two types of noise-canceling headphones you could choose from.

Artists and producers will actually spend countless hours and hours fine-tuning. And mixing real music to get it as exact as to how they actually want their fans to hear it the same way. However, the actual vast majority of headphones can’t accurately reproduce the studio’s intricacies.

Typical gift guidelines

Participation in this program is usually open to anyone who is online, but sometimes there are geographic restrictions. Like it is open to all 50 states in the United States or Canada or UK residents.

Participants usually enter once or as many times as they choose. They can post one entry per month, and the entries must be online.

Participants share information on the parameters of the rules, which are usually broad. For example, names, organizations, educational technology needs, how to use award-winning products, and how organizations can benefit from awards. Entry information for headphone gifts is usually on the promoters’ website.

Sometimes by agreeing to participate in the contest, you are signing up for email offers. And also, they may agree to be included in the site’s email newsletter subscription.

Winner selection:

A new winner is usually chosen each month or within a specific time once the contest closes. So you can enter your chance to win headphones once a month or, however number of times that is welcome.

Winners are usually notified by email, and their story is always shared on the website. Moreover, you usually don’t have to buy to enter or win.

Sometimes only one registration can be accepted per person and email address. There is usually a registration deadline, and after that, entries will be randomly selected from the accepted answers. And the winners will be announced on a certain date and time.

Usually, they ask the winner to contact the promoters, and then they send headphones directly to them.

The winner usually does go home happy; after all, they have won a big prize at the end of the raffle as intended. This is also not to say that there are no more prizes to be won. The second and third place winners usually get consolation prizes, so be on the lookout just in case you fall to second or third.


The promoters will only use the information entered on the gift form. And will not be sold or shared with outside companies. Usually, privacy is a severe notion because the information that you use can be misused. So always make sure that the offers and competitions that you enter are legitimate. And you enter the information into a site that takes it seriously. And please be careful, so you are no victim to a scammer.


Headphones are some of the most sought after items available today. They are multi-functional and rarely do you seem to see someone without headphones nowadays.

Imagine you can get a top of line headphones from some of the best companies out there and all for free. Nothing is more excellent than this.

There is no reason not to try it because it does not cost you any money. And for the most part, to enter the contest only requires your name and email address. Some have no limit to the number of entries, so that it may take some time.

However, can you imagine winning a top of the line Beats By Dre headphone? These are the types of headphones that retail for hundreds of dollars typically, and you can get the headphones for free. I would recommend that you try your luck in such a giveaway. Because the prize is well worth it in the end and you will be very happy when you win free headphones samples.

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