A complete guide to the Cheetos cheesy ball contest

The Cheetos cheesy ball contest is one of those oddball but genius marketing contests out there. The premise is simple, hidden inside a Cheetos bag is an odd-shaped Cheetos. And if you find one with a specific shape, then you could win yourself a boatload of cash.

Hiding somewhere in the Cheetos bag is a crispy cheese snack. That looks a bit like Tom Cruise, Tiger, the Empire State Building, politicians, and Harambe.

Cheetos offers a variety of contests in 2020 that you can enter. The top ones are featured below.

Cheetos Cheesy Ball Shape Contest

Cheetos has a contest to find the most peculiar shapes of orange snacks to be exhibited at Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Times Square. The world’s first Cheetos museum.

Similarly, the company’s inspiration came from customers who posted hundreds of Cheetos photos on the Internet. And the realization that these photos were like crunchy candies or orange powder.

Do you remember the Harambe-shaped Cheetos? In February of this year, a “rare” Flaming’Hot Cheeto, similar to the famous gorilla. And went on sale on eBay for nearly $ 100,000.

People took it for themselves to send a photo of the strange discovery to Cheetos headquarters.

This year,  the company will award $ 5,000 to the weekly winners. Then submit two proposals (classic cheese and flamings hot) to compete for the $ 50,000 prize. Cheetos fans choose the winner online. Similarly, the submission of photos is to the Cheetos Museum website.

CheetosCheesyBall contest:

Find Cheetos Cheesy Balls like this week’s CheetosCheesyBall Earn $ 10,000 in this new contest. In this contest, the form changes weekly. So you need to check every Wednesday at the website for a chance to win the game again.

How to get into CheetosCheesyBall

Check out this week’s Cheetos form on CheetosCheesyBall Find a matching shape and submit the shape with a name and description. Besides, if you find the one that works best for you, you can earn $ 10,000.

Who is eligible

The Cheetos Cheesy Ball Contest is available only to legitimate US Citizens of the 50 states. And also included are DC and Puerto Rico. Similarly, these residents are under the age of 18 at the time of entry. The number of entries per email address per person per day is ten.

Furthermore, this promotion will award a total of eight entry awards, one for each entry period.

Each winner will receive $ 10,000.00 and will be to the winner by check or wire transfer.

The total amount of all prizes is $ 80,000.00.

For Winners’ names, stamp reply envelopes will be on the. Cheetos  Mega Ball on South 5th Street, 7th floor, Unit 881-771, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Please mail it. Participant. 55402. Frito-Lay, Inc. Sponsored by 7701 Legacy Drive, Plano and Texas 75024-4099.

The Cheetos museum contest

The online Cheetos museum (yes, this is the real thing) is looking for tips to complement Chester Cheetah’s specially curated. And unusual makeup collection of rare Cheetos. Similarly, they will collect the top ten items. The public (such as friends, family, strangers, etc.) vote for the contest every week, and the favorite person earns $10,000.

The top prize winner will receive an additional $50,000. Talk about serious cheddar cheese. The proposals are into three categories.

  • Visual interest: How unique is your makeup, and how well does it match your description?
  • Buzzworthiness: Cheetos snacks, the latest situation of the title and description?
  • Creativity: How creative is the snack title and description?

The favorite part is that you can enter it as many times as possible. The rules stipulate that you can submit “50 contest entries/email addresses per person per day”. So start Poppin and open some packages.

Celebrating Cheetos Contest

Cheetos is like a cloud. Each shape is unique, and when you stare at it, you can finally see the familiar shape. Currently, the snack brand is asking you to post the shapes you see in the hope of winning the Shape Inspiration Award.

Besides, Cheetos’ latest advertising campaign, launched by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, aims to celebrate all the shapes in Cheetos bags. Inspired by the famous Cheetos Museum. And over 200,000 unique toys over the last two years, this summer’s plans add a whole new look.

Cheetos has launched a national tournament where fans have the opportunity to “win what they see” based on the shape of the Cheetos bag.

For example, if someone sees a Cheetos snack in the shape of a guitar. And they can win an electric guitar and a concert ticket.

Besides, if someone actually sees the shape of a lobster claw. They can win a trip to Hawaii and sample the lobster feast.

To enter the contest, fans will find a unique and attractive shape in the Cheetos bag. Take a picture and send it to CheetosWinWhatYouSee.com to provide an imaginative description of the most similar form of Cheetos.

Furthermore, it’s inspired by the proposal to receive their own personalized prize package. The eight winners will receive a total of $ 100,000 in prizes, experience, and products. Besides, the company’s mascot, Chester Cheetah, has won several awards for making things interesting.

The contest lasts ten weeks and is simultaneous with “What you see in Cheetos.” A TV advertising campaign. Aimed at encouraging Cheetos eaters to stir their imagination while watching a light meal.

Cheetos Cheesy Good Fortunes Sweepstakes

In this cotest, the Chester Cheetah will reveal your fortune and also you can earn $ 5,000 in cash in the process. There are also some additional awards: (5) $ 2,500; (10) $ 1,000; (15) $ 500; (36) $ 250; (60) $ 100.

Besides, you can get the code for the specially marked Cheetos branded product and bag. Look for the bar code under “guaranteed freshness” on the front. Or otherwise, you may be able to get the free code by email as well.

Grab A Cheetos and A Zero Sweepstakes

Enter the Pepsi and Cheetos lottery on PepsiandCheetos.com to have a chance to win one of the two big prizes, namely cash or other cash prizes, in the form of checks. You need Pepsi Zero Sugar or Cheat Score code to participate in this lottery.

How to get cheat and code to zero?

When purchasing: During the lucky draw period, buy one of the following products and search for the code.

Purchase 12 packs of Pepsi-Cola Zero Sugar, mark them in the raffle and look for the 10-digit alphanumeric code (“Pepsi-Cola Zero Sugar Code”) in the carton.

Furthermore, purchase specially marked Cheetos brand products during the lottery and look for the code (“Cheetos code”) under “Freshness Guarantee” on the front of the bag.

No purchase required-you also, don’t need to purchase to get the code. The code set will be emailed to the specified email address.

How to participate in Pepsi and the odd lottery?

First, you need to visit the following website: www.PepsiandCheetos.com.

Then look for the link in the “Grab A Cheetos” and “AZero Sweepstakes” entry forms.

Participate in this bet by filling in the registration form containing your name, address, zip code, phone number, and email address, and entering your Pepsi zero sugar or cheat code.

Enter sweepstakes|Rules

Official rules: Pepsi-Cola lottery and Cheet’s are legal residents of the District of Columbia in the United States, who are 18 years old when the lottery starts.

Prizes: 322 lucky winners.

  • A total of 322 lucky winners, including two grand prize winners.
  • Two grand prizes (2): The lucky winner will receive a compensation of US$5,000 in the form of a check.
  • Grand Prize (5): The lucky winner will receive a prize of US$2,000 in the form of a check.
  • Second prize (15 winners): The lucky winner will receive an award of $1,000 in the form of a check.
  • Third prize (50): The lucky winner will receive an award of $500 in the form of a check.
  • Fourth place (100): The lucky winner will receive a $250 prize in the form of a check.
  • Fifth place (150): The lucky winner will receive a $100 prize in the form of a check.

Past Cheetos Cheesy Ball Shape Contest Winners

A Canadian couple made money when they found a human-shaped Cheetos in their snacks bag snacks overnight. Laverna Parsons told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) how her husband ate most of the cheese snacks, found the unique shape, and won a prize of CAD 25,000.

Moreover, the winning shape looks like a player in American football. The weekly winners are eligible to receive a prize of CAD 2,000, and the top four will receive a grand prize of CAD 25,000.

But Mrs. Parsons and her husband, Dwight, did not know this when they sat down to watch a movie or eat snacks. Mr. Parsons put the strange shape in his mouth first and then commented that it felt weird in his mouth. When he took it out and looked at it, they thought it was strange and that he could put it in a plastic bag and show it to tourists.

A week later, their daughter told them about the game, and they entered the contest with the title “Running Man.” The rest is history.


Cheetos has some of the most iconic contest to promote its brand, and you can easily find the contest on this site and online. Play and get fulfilled with the prizes either financially or through other prizes.

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