The secret ways to get a free iTunes gift card in 2021

A free iTunes gift card gives you the rare opportunity to shop on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad. iTunes is a gem that allows you to listen to and download your favorite songs. Whether it’s new pop, jazz, or RnB songs, iTunes has them. You cannot access much of this music without using an iTunes card.

Besides, you may need this favorite paid app on the App Store. Want to buy your favorite movie or TV show? Use your iTunes gift card to read various Apple books in iTunes. There are several names on the card, making it easier to get your favorite items.

Where can I find a free iTunes card?

Get your free iTunes card on popular rewards platforms like Prize Rebel and eBonus. These platforms offer instant card exchange. These tips will help you save money. You can also choose an iTunes card for free.

To get a free iTunes gift card, encode it using the card generator. Moreover, these are tools that can make codes in seconds. However, most generators, especially free generators, generate fake code that doesn’t work.

You can also promote your product to other companies and receive a free iTunes gift card. Find a company or website that wants to promote your product in exchange for an iTunes gift card symbol.

However, most companies in this category are scammers and are unlikely to take these gift cards home. If you would like to enter a free iTunes gift card contest when searching for a free iTunes gift card online, always visit a famous and verified website to ensure that your personal and payment information is not shared on your site.

The real way to win free iTunes gift cards

Many websites and services claim to generate an iTunes code. Interaction with these sites will only disappoint you, and in severe cases, it will lead to money, privacy, peace of mind, etc. Therefore, beware of such scammers.

Register for iTunes Rewards

Perhaps the most authentic way to collect free iTunes gift cards is to use the iTunes Reward website. iTunes has not officially supported this GPT website, but it is an excellent and legal way to get free cards.

You can complete surveys here, download apps, and earn points to redeem free iTunes gift card codes. The minimum payment for iTunes offers a $10 iTunes gift card, which you can make in exchange for 1,000 points.

Follow the gift card company on social media

You can follow free iTunes gift cards by following gift card companies such as Cash Star, First Data, NGC Group, Quiksilver, and Uhu on various social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Some organizations provide points that can be used to redeem gift cards in the future. Others also directly offer gift cards to subscribe to social media channels under specific terms of use.

Usually, these organizations hold contests on social channels to reward winners. Most competitions on such social networks mention post ratings, post assignments, etc.

First, you need to start tracking bidders on social media channels (especially Facebook and Twitter). These people or groups of people are always looking for continuous or free quotes.

When verifying ongoing offers, transaction hunters usually inform their followers of the same through closed community groups and possibly social media platforms. These offers include cash, free iTunes gift cards, gift cards, and Google Play codes.

Offer hunters vary by location. This means that the sellers you can follow depending on where you find them. You can search for them on social media using keywords such as specials, product seekers, products, and gift cards.

Join the online reward programs

There is no online reward program that offers free iTunes gift cards. However, keep in mind that such programs are usually based on generating large numbers of marketing emails. Therefore, be prepared to fill in your email ID with promotional emails.

One way to solve this problem is to create a new email ID, especially for this purpose. Then, you can only keep it to participate in such a reward program.

Compensation procedures usually require you to complete an email survey. Once the survey is conducted, points will be awarded to your account, and you can redeem them for free iTunes gift cards, cash, etc.

Take part in the promotion of superior products

Another real way to package a free iTunes gift card is to promote the product. First, you’ll need to find an organization or website looking for product promotions or newsletter subscriptions in exchange for a gift card or iTunes code.

Yes, this can be exhaustive, considering that many people worldwide are looking for free iTunes gift cards and codes and that there are organizations that offer free iTunes gift cards and codes.

But you’ll be well paid. Free suggestions. Check the authenticity of these resources before signing up for a great deal.

Besides, special attention should be paid to sharing sensitive personal data. Avoid sharing information that may compromise your privacy, identity, financial situation, etc.

How can I use an iTunes gift card

Now that you’ve got your free iTunes Gift Card, how do you use it? It’s not that hard, but it can get a little confusing the first time you do it. This section is useful in this case.

The process of using your free iTunes Gift Card depends on the device you are using for this purpose. Therefore, this section is broken down to describe the various devices.

Use iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  • Open the App Store
  • Click today and then click on your profile picture in the upper right corner
  • Next, click on Use a Gift Card or Code and sign in with your Apple ID
  • You can also add gift cards and codes using the Camera app.

If you have an old card or are located in a specific country or region, you’ll need to enter and manually encode your free iTunes Gift Card. To do this, click You can also join the code manually. Yes, you can use the free iTunes Gift Card on your Android device. Please follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Apple Music app
  • Click on Library
  • Next, click on the Menu button and then click on Account Settings
  • Click Use a gift certificate or code
  • Enter your free iTunes gift card and encode it manually. It appears on the back of the card. The code consists of 16 digits and starts with the letter X.
  • Click Apply to add the amount to your account

Note: If you don’t see “Account Settings,” click “Settings” and then “Sign In.” Log in with your Apple ID, click the Back button, then click the Menu button.

How to use the gift card?

With the right guide, iTunes gift cards can also be used efficiently. Visit the iTunes Store and select your favorite songs, apps, movies, and shows. Insert your iTunes gift card as a payment method and continue with payment. Before using the iTunes gift card, make sure you have the latest iTunes installed on your device.

How do I get a free iTunes gift card?

Navigate to the generator tool that flashes on the screen. Just click and create your own unique iTunes gift card code. The iTunes activation gift card code is now displayed on the screen and is free. You can use this method to generate iTunes gift card code for free.

Does iTunes Pay Friends?

Yes, you can also make money by introducing friends. In fact, we issue over 7,000 free gift cards every day. You can get a free iTunes Gift Card at Swagbucks. You can also pay with PayPal or other gift card options. Some options include Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Is iTunes generator safe?

The generator is straightforward, 100% safe, and you don’t need to worry about it when using it. A generator is a tool used to generate a unique code that can be used to purchase iTunes gift cards. Our service has created gift cards for $25, $50, and $100. You don’t need to verify to receive an iTunes Gift Card for free.

Do you need a code generator?

Currently, no registration or download is necessary to use the code generator service. To monitor (abuse) the use of our services, all visitors must take part in a quick checkout on their first visit.


After you get the iTunes gift card, please use the following tips to use it effectively. Before use, please make sure that the iTunes gift card is enabled.

The Apple ID is necessary to use an iTunes gift card. iTunes gift cards can purchase content for iTunes, Apple Store, Apple Books, and Apple Music subscriptions. Besides, apple gift cards can only be in use locally and online Apple retail stores.

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