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About Monster Gift

Monster gift is a reliable, legitimate site that helps buy and sell gift cards easily. Regardless of a limited selection, this site still allows you to save up to 23% on any gift card. I am glad to inform you that you will choose from a wide variety of gift cards from different companies such as Applebee’s, American Eagle Outfitters as well as Pier 1 Imports.

Do you think buying a gift card is a walk in the park? Far from it! it is not easy and many people give up along the way. That is why we make it happen for you easily without any troubles. We mainly deal with plastic gift cards and you will enjoy up to 50% of the value of your gift cards. We bring to you a detailed site with a simple interface. You will enjoy a swift navigation as you shop on Monster gift

Would you like to sell a gift card on this web site? The best way to go about it is by using cardpool. It best for selling unwanted gift cards. Did you know that by using Monster for your gift card investment you could receive cash as well as digital payment? This will make things easier for you because you have different customers who prefer different payment methods.  Some would prefer fiat cash to digital currency. You can as well receive a check or have the money sent to your Dwolla account.

At Monster gift, we only allow you to sell gift cards worth $10 to $200. Nonetheless, if you have a card that is above the required value then you will have to pre-approve it first. As mentioned earlier, we only deal with plastic gift cards hence electronic gift cards are not acceptable.

Did you know that Monster gift offers cards discounted up to 40 percent?  This is the highest discount as compared to other exchange gift card sites. Did you know that monster allows you to redeem some of your favorite cards online? Moreover, it is affordable to shop with us as we offer free shipping on all the cards shopped with us.

We value all our customers that is why we include additional features that will make you enjoy your experience. Do not panic if your gift card is out of stock, as we will notify you through email whenever it is available again.

We will find an opportunity to interact with more than 500 merchants on our site. This gives you the privilege to narrow down your search based on your preference.  You will search by category, discount as well as retailer. You will also access a general keyword search tool. With all these options, you will find your search for a gift card easy and enjoyable.

We also have a wide selection of support tools. We have a special email address as well as contact form where you can channel all your queries. You will also access our FAQs page and get all the answers to some of the common questions.

MonsterGift Features

  • Sign up
  • Minimum card value to sell: 410 and maximum :$200
  • Shipping: we will ship your cards free. Based on your location, delivery duration may vary from within 3-7 business days. On some occasions, it might take up to 10 business days.
  • Return policy: we provide a 101-day warranty on all our sales. In case you experience any problem with your card within this time, we will replace your card. We can as well send you the difference in cash

How to Buy Gift Cards:

  • After signing up with MonsterGift, go to the page directly.
  • Browse through the page and find out what is new or scan through what catches your eye. You can then start a search for your best choice using the search bar on the home page. Browse the cards by discount, category as well as brad popularity. You can also click the buy button at the top of the page and find a list of all the retailers.
  • Have you found the best choice? Well, click on it to go through its details.
  • If the description makes you happy, click on the “buy card”.
  • Verify if your order is correct then confirm the billing as well as shipping information. Complete your payment.
  • Sit back and relax as you wait for your gift card.

How to Sell Gift Cards:

Click on the “sell” button right from the top of any page on this site.

Find out what your customer is willing to pay you for your gift card. It is also vital to know what MGC is willing to pay you. As mentioned earlier, MGC only accepts gift cards with a value of not less than $10 and not more than $200.

Apply for a pre-approval if your card is over $200.

If the total value is okay with you, enter your current gift card value, the original balance, and click on the “Sell” button.

At this point, if you are not registered the page will prompt you to do so.

Printout your page that contains all the details regarding your gift card then sends the card to MGC. Verify your identity if you are a first time user. This ensures that we pay the rightful owner of the card and not someone else.

After receiving your gift card, we will release the check within 3-5 working days. In case you are into Dwolla then contact for more information. As mentioned earlier, monster gift offers a variety of gift cards such as ABC gift card, gift card granny as well as monster energy gift card among others.

Gift cards are a useful marketing tool to help increase trade and appeals to both existing and new customers. For the special-service businesses or retail stores, such as day spas and bookstores, the gift cards can make a reliable marketing tool and easily displayed at the front desk or cash register for easy access. Here are four of the benefits of using this type of payment method:

Advantages of gift cards

Did you know that gift cards are a useful marketing tool in the recent past?  They will help you improve your sales as they do appeal to both existing and new customers. You can display them at the front of your desk as well as a cash register for easy access. Let us find out how gift cards are useful to us:

Attracts new customers

This tool is effective in attracting any customer who would not visit your shop by any chance.  After pointing out a beautiful gift card, and they realize that they have an essential free cash on their hands; they will look around the shop and buy something.  It convinces and lures people to your business. If your shop is looking good and is interesting, the customers are likely to come again and shop with you.

Creates brand awareness

A gift card specifically branded for a company for a shop is normally unique in design; they match a particular brand as well as a logo. It is a powerful marketing tool especially for the customers who keep them in their wallets as they will keep on remembering your shop. The more the shoppers continue buying the gift card granny or any other gift card for birthdays, weddings, and friends, your brand will continue conveying a message to more potential customers.

Increase sales

What do you expect after promoting your products this well? More sales of course! Even though these cards are sold at a specific value, many other customers are likely to spend more cash on other high prices items in your shop.  These cards are great for luring customers in your store. Once the customers get to know more about your products and services, they will spend more on top of the value of the cards. Never mind if the item is slightly more expensive than the card, it still helps to increase sales as well as satisfy customers.

General benefits

Through gift cards, customers will have more choices. They will get an option of picking their preferred items from your shop and not accept just anything that you choose for them. Did you know that freedom of choice is very important for most people especially shoppers?

Final Verdict:

MonsterGift is the only platform that provides you the best options for your gift cards.  It is worth your time and money whether you want to sell or just buy at a discount. It offers a variety of gif cards from gift card granny to monster energy gift card among others. You will also find an opportunity to buy from renowned retailers such as Pier 1 Imports, Eagle Outfitters, and Applebee’s among others.

You will also have a chance to buy sing cash, check as well as Dwolla among others. Sellers can sell gif cards not less than $10 and not more than $200. We hope that this Monster Gift Card Review will help you make the right option when it comes to buying or selling a particular gift card.

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