How To Really Win 5000 A Week

Would you like actually to win 5000 a week? Well, fret not because we have an actual raffle and sweepstake game that will do just that for you. Now you can be a winner in the PCH win $ 5,000 a week for Life lottery. And be paid millions for free.

About the Company- win 5000 a week

PCH is short for Publishers Clearing House. And they irrevocably are the longest-serving lottery publishers in the US. They are a direct marketing company that sells products and magazine orders using the direct mail order business.

The company has since been around since 1953 when Harold Merz molded it based on a door-to-door advertising order. For a single service provider that offers multiple subscriptions by regular mail.

PCH will advertise its lottery as part of its mag subscriptions. But one does not need the said subscription to apply or enter to win.

These Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes have existed since 1967. And have been awarded more than $ 207 million since then and are still ongoing.

The popularity of these lottery tickets has been known for the past 30 to 40 years. With millions of people participating in the hope of good luck in exchange for a carefree life. People who are lucky enough to win these lotteries are shown in magazines, television, and other ads.

It’s straightforward to take part in a PCH draw and get a chance to win $5,000 a week in your lifetime. Please read and understand the sweepstake rules and terms of use. Fill out the entry form carefully and accurately, tightly seal the envelope and submit.

PCH Website

But these days it’s much more comfortable. Simply visit the Publishers Clearing House lottery website and fill out a straightforward entry form. You must enter the title, first and last name, address (including apartment or suite if applicable). City, state, zip code, month, day, the exact date of birth from the year, address. Send an email, Re-enter the email address you want to confirm.

When delivering prizes to lucky winners in the lottery, it is essential to be able to provide this information accurately. To ensure that the prize patrol has the correct details. Their online website has the option of being notified of contests. And special offers and being told if the $5000 A Week for Life lottery wins.

You do not need to purchase any items, services, or subscriptions to participate in the contest. Making any of these purchases not only increases your chances of winning but does not help. With the effort to fill out a form and not have to spend anything to sign up. They can have the chance to be chosen by a judge to earn $ 5,000 each week for the rest of their lives.

The financial freedom that an individual brings is perfect. Because it is entirely not ready for the rise or fall of the economy.

Probability of winning the $5000 a week for life lottery

According to official rules, as of June 2020. The probability of winning the $ 5,000 a week giveaway is 1 in 6.2 billion

Top Prizes

One lucky first prize, earning $ 5,000 every week for a lifetime. Similarly, only one winner will win the PCH $ 5,000.00 A Week for Life Award. With a guaranteed minimum cash prize of $ 1,000,000.00 from Publishers Clearing House.

Recurring payments (for example, daily, weekly, monthly) can be prepaid for up to one year for any year in which such regular payments are made. For 18 years, you will receive $ 25,000.00 annually for 29 years. And a final payment of $ 275,000.00 in the 30th year.

The PCH $ 5,000 prize will be paid to the winner for a lifetime. And then to another individual designated by the winner. Winners must specify who will receive the compensation within 30 days of awarding the prize after the winner has died.

The Prize Patrol

Prize patrols surprise lottery winners with cash prizes at home, work, and elsewhere, and videotape the event. Since its introduction in 1989, these videos, which have been made on real-life television. Have been used in broadcast television commercials, and has recently been used in a $ 10 million to $ 10 million audition.

How can I get the PCH $5000 per week?

Getting a free PCH $5000 per week in 2020 is very simple. And many will already know the steps to sign up. However, it is our responsibility to communicate the rules to follow. So I’ve written a step-by-step walkthrough to give this $ 5,000 a week.

To get a lottery registration, please follow the steps below.

  • Please go to the lottery page.
  • Then go to Publishers Clearing House for $ 5,000 a week sweepstakes page.
  • Here you will find the required application form.
  • Follow the online instructions to fill out the application. And fill in as much of the required details as possible because you will need em. This includes name, mailing address, index, date of birth, email address, and more. Please double-check the information you entered to make sure you entered the correct information before proceeding to the next step.
  • After reviewing the details, scroll down and click the “Submit” button
  • If you successfully complete the registration form, you will get your chance to receive a PCH of $ 5,000 per week.
  • Don’t stop there, come every day. And will increase your actual chances of going for the super prize so you can get the maximum amount.
  • Moreover, online access during the lottery is limited to (1) per day.

The Sweepstakes rules

PCH has a weekly prize of $ 5,000 in 2020

The publisher’s Clearing House is offering a super reward of $ 5,000 per week. This allows lawful residents of the United States and Canada (18) and beyond to participate in the draw.

Prizes (Promotions): Winners are guaranteed a minimum of $ 5,000,000 and $ 1,000,000 if attendees are awarded the appropriate winner numbers. For the Special Early Look Super Prize event hosted by Present Number 13000 in time for this promotion.

Admission Restrictions: has an online access limit of one per person per day. Specifically for the $ 5,000 per week sweepstakes.

Questions and Answers

How many times can I enter?

During the period, there is a limit to one online registration per person per day. However, you can get even more entries by writing to PCH: 101 Winners Circle, Jericho, NY 11753. Each time you write to Publishers Clearing House, you will receive one membership. And unlike the online entry, there are no entry restrictions for registration. Therefore, you can freely enter as many times as you like from the write entry.

Are all entries the same winning percentage?

Yes, all sign-ups have the same odds of winning a $ 5,000 Super Primo per week. And there are no additional benefits to sign-up. Luck plays a significant role in winning prizes. It would be best if you had the good fortune to get the publisher’s lottery.

Is admission free?

Admission is free, and no payment is required to participate in this draw. Just follow the online instructions given in the official rules.

Does purchasing increase the odds of winning?

PCH does not offer any benefits to lottery buyers. Therefore, purchasing does not increase your chances of winning. Consequently, you have the same winning percentage for every entry that you register for the weekly lottery.

How will the winner be chosen?

You will receive a reward number for each successful registration. You can also get more prize numbers by entering them multiple times. After the registration deadline. If the winning number matches the prize number awarded to the participant, they will receive $ 5,000 a week for a lifetime, and a minimum of $ 1,000,000 is guaranteed.

If you have any additional questions by writing to 101 Winners Circle, Jericho, NY 11753

Your big win opportunities

Earning $ 5,000.00 a week for life will really change your life. Since it’s a lot of money. And if you win, you are confident that you have a list of what you will do with that money. Paying your bills, debt escape, college funding, home renovations, family support, and more. What can you do with such a lucky one? We hope that you are actually successful so you can improve your livelihood.


Similarly, you can win daily entries for a chance to win a $ 5000 PCH Super Prize every week. This is an excellent opportunity to earn $ 5,000 a week of passive income without having to work hard. This is the current number of PCH. So don’t waste any more time. Sign up now and get $ 5,000 a week from PCH for free.

Moreover, PCH has many more lotteries and sweepstakes entries

Besides, I’m sure most of you are now PCH lottery experts. And PCH SuperPrize is their most significant award, but it’s not the only one. You know that there are many other sweeps taking place every day. Moreover, their lottery pages are full of opportunities to make money and change your life. Finally, check out their lottery pages and choose which one works for you and your favorite giveaway. If you Want to win 5000 a week then click Here

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