AppBounty Codes-How To Get And Use them Naturally

The Appbounty codes will usually help you get free AppBounty gift cards, and some other top offers that are available offline, so we will take a moment to talk about that.

What is AppBounty?

AppBounty is an app that you download from the Play Store and the IOS App store. You can download the app and collect points to get free stuff like jewelry, diamonds, donuts, gold, etc. And they are all for free.

The mobile app allows users to earn points every time they download and try to use the app. People can also earn points by completing specific tasks and inviting friends to participate.

The app’s actual points can be redeemed for gift cards or other sweet prizes that people can use on Amazon, iTunes Store, and Google Play, and many other stores. You can also save your points for Xbox Live and PS Network points.

People only need to earn enough points to reach the minimum withdrawal amount and can use it to redeem gift cards or points.

The AppBounty code can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play. People just need to become members and start downloading and trying out the apps offered to earn points.

What is great about the app?

With this app, you have a few but tremendous benefits from using it. And these include the ones that we will talk about below.

  • You can get free stuff and rewards by trying free apps
  • There are free international rewards, and it is not limited to just the United States
  • It’s entertaining and easy to install and use.

How does free AppBounty work?

  • First, you have to download one of the provided apps
  • The more Apps you try out, the more rewards that you will receive.
  • Second, you will Earn points for each application
  • Finally, please enjoy using the gift cards, such as iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation, that you will win.

Typical questions about the AppBounty

Do you have difficulty earning points or benefits? Do you want to know how to reach a higher level in your favorite game? Don’t you understand the meaning of life? Then you can email support at

AppBounty reward codes

The bounty code rewards app can provide many options for saving money, thanks to 25 significant results. You can actually get the best discount of up to 50% off online apps and discount codes.

New discount codes are updated continuously in the app, so you will find new ones whenever you check. For example, In the past 90 days, we discovered 13 new AppBounty code rewards maker results. That is, all of them will calculate the impact of the new App Bounty.

Recently online shoppers were able to shop on the in-app reward code maker by using coupons, saving an average of 50%. This can be done quickly by searching in the online coupon area. When searching the app bounty code rewards maker, you will usually find 1-3 discount codes. However, for each order customers can only use one discount code. Therefore, when using discount codes, make sure to choose the best code with the highest discount.

To update all the App Bounty Code rewards maker’s latest results, it is recommended to access the network when you have free time. The AppBounty code application information and coupons are updated daily, so you will get the best experience if you are one of the first visitors.

We understand that not all online shoppers know the best way to search for discounts from retailers.

We strongly recommend that the best way for customers to save money is to visit a coupon website, supporting you by aggregating coupon codes from all sources such as websites, stores, etc. Moreover, the best way to save the most money is to look for discount codes and offers on special events such as Halloween, New School, Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday. As a store’s loyal customer, you can contact the particular store or use AppBounty to get an exclusive discount code.

appbounty codes

Who is AppBounty for

Anyone can use AppBounty Codes, but the main types of AppBounty want to make money, and app developers and ad networks want to promote their apps. For developers and ad networks, AppBounty provides the ability for others to download and test your app.

The company requires members to download the app and test it for at least 30 seconds, so developers are confident that users will actually download and use the app. It’s an excellent time to try out the new app and see how people react before it actually launches. Another type of user who accesses the app is the one who wants to make money.

You can also divide it into two members, one who downloads and tests the app and the other who wants to be a media partner. Members are basically users who download and test apps advertised by developers and ad networks on AppBounty. The company pays them gift cards and credits that can be redeemed for points.

The Media partners, in this case, are actually the premium members. AppBounty offers many benefits to those considered socially influential, such as converting credits into cash. Media partners also have preferential accounts. That is, you will receive your own personalized code. AppBounty also has some free giveaways that you can use to promote your app.

Besides, the company promotes the best videos created by media partners on the AppBounty social media channel. It also increases the audience of media partners. However, the company requires a media partner of at least 10,000 subscribers and makes regular videos to become a partner. Media partners need to create a promotional video with AppBounty, upload it to their YouTube channel, embed a personalized link in the description, and get people to subscribe.

Each entry earns Media Partner Credits that can be converted into cash.

How people make money on AppBounty

The most important way for people to get credit is by downloading and using the apps provided on the AppBounty. Each time someone uses the app, the developer and the advertising network pay the company. AppBounty shares your payment with its members in the form of credit, and they can exchange goods. People need to download featured apps through the AppBounty, rather than the Apple Store or Google Play.

The reason is that the company sends a signal to developers to inform them that its members have been using the app for at least 30 seconds. Therefore, if people open the application outside of AppBounty, the company will not record its application.

In addition to downloading and using applications, members can also earn points by performing specific tasks. This is similar to downloading and using the app, but this time members will have to complete a task in the app to earn points.

AppBounty Specs

Size – 15M

Current Version – 1.5

Requires Android – 4.4 and up

Content Rating – Everyone

Developer –

How to Install the App if you don’t have access to the Play store

Sometimes you may want to use AppBounty but do not have access to the App store, or sometimes your phone has an older android version, and it is not working with the current version of the app. In such a particular case, you may want to downgrade and use an older version.

So this is how to download AppBounty for PC / Mac / Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Some sites have APK versions of the app. You just have to Google AppBounty APK.

Then find the version that works with your device. Then install all the apps/games available on the site and the other Apps/games you can download to PC desktops running Windows 7, 8, 10 OS, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and even Ubuntu OS.

You can download APK files for mobile phones and their corresponding tablets. Simply Enter the name of the app you want in the corresponding search box and follow the actually given instructions on how to that particular APK file.

Steps to download Android mobile app/game

You can also get and actually install the particular apps or games that you are interested in from our website on your smartphone:

  1. Accept software install from an external source (Settings-> Applications-> Unknown Source was select in the region)
  2. Download the required app APK file (such as AppBounty Free Gift Card) and save it to your phone
  3. Open and install the downloaded APK file


AppBounty also has a referral program, which allows members to earn points if members also get their friends or others to register. It has become the best and most profitable way to get free stuff online.

When members register with AppBounty, they receive an invitation code shared with others. Each time you register successfully, you can earn 250 points, and new members using this code can earn 50 points. So go out there and actually have fun with the app and also share it with family and friends.

Stay with for many more Coupon codes like this.

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