Free Household Samples: Here Is How To Take Advantage Of These Exclusive Offers in 2021

Did you know that you can get thousands of free household samples? Yes, both manufacturers and retailers are literally falling over themselves to give you free stuff as part of their marketing campaigns.

However, the idea of ​​getting something online for free will automatically make everyone suspect that something is wrong. And as with everything that you see online, it can be a scam.

But is it really possible to get free household samples online? And without providing your billing information? Well, the short answer is yes, it is possible. Here is how.

Have you ever been shopping at the supermarket, at Costco, or the mall and see those people out there offering samples? Be it sample bites or anything else. That’s the way it works, but in this case, it is online, and you get it by mail. Your only concern is finding a legitimate offer.

Similarly, big brands often offer legal discounts for free samples on their websites. And to request a sample, simply enter your information and click Submit.

If it is possible, then why are many people not taking advantage of these free household samples?

The problem is that the internet is proliferated with scam artists.

  • So, for the most part, if you find a free sample offer, it is attached to a scam offer. This includes filling out forms that go nowhere.
  • Also, there are few legitimate offers. And several factors play a role when the free sample is actually sent to you.
  • Due to the limited supply of free samples provided by the company. There may be thousands of people who have not yet obtained samples when this number is reached.

Avoid fraud and scammers

Scams, fake offers, phishing, spam, whatever you call it, the result is the same. Some websites claim that something is free.

Most of the free offers are attached to some form or survey filling. But they force you to fill so many forms that you give up halfway through. And with you giving up, they win because you will still fill out 5-20 surveys for free, which they want. Before you know it, you have been a victim of a scam.

Finding a gift scam can be tricky at first, but once you learn what to look for, it’s pervasive sense.

  • How much does the offered product cost? If it goes over a few dollars, it can be fake.
  • Also, check out the homepage of the website, which offers free samples. What kind of business do they perform, and does it make sense for their company to provide samples of the products they offer?
  • Example: If a ringtones website offers free shampoo, it’s probably a scam. But if it’s an online cosmetics store that offers the cheapest lip gloss samples, the chances are that’s true.

Stay away from spam

Unfortunately, spam is unavoidable when trying to get a free household sample. Once you fill out a form with your email, you will remain on their mailing list for a long time after sending your free household sample, even if it is a legitimate one.

In fact, in most cases, that is why they offer free services in the first place. However, this is easy to manage if you know how to do it.

First, set up a different email address. This is only for requesting free samples. It is impossible to provide a fake email address because you need to click on the link in the confirmation email and send it by email.

So think of a pseudonym and use that as your name when requesting a free gift. Aliases are useful because they allow you to easily classify spam and keep your real name away from bad commercial mailing lists.

How to take advantage of free household offers in 2021?

Now that you understand how actual free samples work, I’ll show you how to find them. Various websites serve the same purpose. They look for truly free samples and let visitors know where they are.

It is important to understand that these giveaway sites are not really the parties that provide free samples.

These sites are actually like a yellow page and by corralling and presenting many offers at one place. They give you the opportunity of applying at one spot instead of many.

This makes it easier to find the freebies.

Play a numbers game

On average, you won’t see at least 75% of the free samples you try to claim for one of the reasons above.

This means that asking for a freebie or two isn’t enough to give you the odds. Instead, visit your favorite giveaway website every day to claim any new giveaways that appear.

And on average, there are fewer than 7-10 new giveaways per day. This may seem very time-consuming, but it gives you a better chance to win an offer.

Common free household samples questions and answers

Q:How can I get free household items?

Many brands have free household samples on their primary websites, so start there. Sometimes they may ask you to do something like writing a short review in exchange for the availability of the selected product.

Q: Are there any tips or tricks to help increase the number of free sample items that I can get?

Yes, there are a few, but mainly, you need perseverance and filling out as many offers as possible.

Q: I don’t live in the US or Canada. Can I get a free sample?

Answer: The answer to this is usually no. However, as gifts are from different companies, the rules for sending samples are different, and one or two samples may be available overseas. But it is extremely rare. It is no exaggeration to say that most products are most products. Only suitable for US residents and may also be suitable for Canadian residents.


It is not easy to get free household samples; however, with a little grit and perseverance and using the guide above, you can easily manage.


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