How To Actually Get A Free 100 Amazon Gift Card in 2021

If you’re looking for a free 100 Amazon gift card, our service is the perfect place. Be the first friend to spend your free time getting a free Amazon gift card. There are some of the best online opportunities to get a card every day.

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards are one of the payment methods for purchasing products on the official Amazon website. Everyone knows that Amazon is a big ecommerce and will make a massive difference in the digital world.

Various products such as e-books, DVDs, Amazon Music, Amazon Video, and mobile and electronic devices are stored on the website.

First, you need to buy a gift card from a retail store and then use it with your Amazon account. Or use our service to create a free $100 amazon gift card generator.

How do I get a free Amazon gift card code?

To get the free Amazon code, you need to follow the nine required steps listed here.

  • Firstly, go to the Amazon Gift Card Code Generator.
  • You can choose the country/region and the amount. Click the Generate button.
  • Please, wait a few seconds for the algorithm to be processed.
  • Get Your Free Amazon Gift Card Code.
  • Click Activate Passcode.
  • Select the gift card, enter the generated code, and click Validate.
  • At this point, it requires you to enter your email address and click Activate Now.
  • Run the initiator task to confirm the capture.
  • Finally, the service is complete. The gift code is activated and available.

How do I use Amazon gift card codes?

After activating the generated code, you can use the Amazon Gift Card code in your account in this guide.

  • Open the Amazon website.
  • Enter your Amazon credentials and go to the Use Amazon Gift Card page.
  • This page is where you can redeem Amazon gift cards, promotional codes, etc.
  • Paste or enter the code. Then click the Apply to Balance button to receive the gift card.
  • When the site verifies the code, the balance will be automatically added to your Amazon Pay account.

Similarly, if you are using the Amazon website in other countries such as Amazon India, Amazon UK, or Amazon CA, please use the corresponding pages.

What is an Amazon Gift Card Generator? How does it work?

Amazon Code Generator is a web-based online tool used to generate unique codes for purchasing products on Amazon. The generator is straightforward, 100% safe, and you do not have to worry about it when you use it.

Our Amazon Gift Card Generation Tool can generate $25, $50, and $100 gift card values. You can get an Amazon gift card for free without having to check it manually. This tool supports all countries/regions and supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and other web browsers. Our generators are compatible with PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

The Amazon Gift Code can be used to purchase products listed on the Amazon website or other websites. You can use your gift code to download Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Music.

You can also use this code to purchase a Kindle that is only available on Amazon. Besides, gift cards can also be used for gift purposes.

How to get a free 100 Amazon gift card direct from Amazon

Most people have heard of online rewards surveys and are aware of cashback shopping apps to get free Amazon gift cards. However, you may also get them direct from the source.

Work for Amazon

If you’re looking for a flexible part-time job, Amazon offers a mechanical Turk (or MTurk) program. This is essentially a marketplace for online jobs.

The company is looking for employees who can do paid jobs online, and employees can find an online job that suits their skills and interests. Activities vary but can include data entry, video processing, written content creation, data publishing, and even research.

You can actually receive payments in the form of Amazon gift cards or have your income deposited directly into your bank account.

Top up your Amazon gift card

Amazon has great deals right now. Add at least $ 100 cash to your existing gift card and receive $ 10 free credit. If you shop on Amazon regularly and add $ 100 or buy a gift card, it might be worth the money.

Electronic product trading books

If you actually have an old smartphone or tablet that you no longer use, you can pay through Amazon’s trade-in program. Buy smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-readers, and books.

You must submit the product to receive a review, but shipping is free. Once approved, you will receive a free Amazon Gift Card to receive a quote for the item. If not, your item will be returned, and you can try selling your electronics elsewhere.

Become an Affiliate of Amazon

If you’re starting a blog or want to monetize your existing website, affiliate marketing can be some extra cash. Sign up with Amazon Associates and promote some Amazon products on your website.

When a reader clicks your link to make a purchase, you are paid a referral fee. You can pay with cash or a free Amazon gift card.

How to get a free Amazon Gift Card in the shopping app

If you don’t actually have time to complete surveys or play games, you can get a free Amazon Gift Card to pay for activities you complete, such as shopping online.


Shopkick provides users with eight ways to earn rewards, also known as mining. For example, you can make more money by going to your chosen store with the Shopkick app open and scanning the barcode to find a specific product that will bring you income. Or, you can kick it every time you use the shopping link card.

Visit an online store, browse specific products, buy products online, watch videos, and get benefits such as free Amazon gift cards. Log in with the code DOLLAR SPROUT and scan the store within seven days of installing the app to get 1250 kicks (worth $ 5) for free.


Rakuten is an online shopping portal that can return up to 40% of your purchase cash. First, go to the Rakuten website, find the retail store you want to buy, select the coupon you wish to apply, and click Buy Now. After purchase, the reserved cashback offer will be credited to your Rakuten account.

Install the Rakuten browser extension to make it easier to receive refund offers. When shopping at the Rakuten cashback site, you will see a popup asking you to activate your request before paying. Click on the reminder to continue shopping as usual.

Quarterly payment in cash by postal check or bank transfer to PayPal. You can use the money to buy Amazon gift cards or buy Amazon gift cards from the Rakuten portal for a cashback at the time of purchase.


Honey is a free browser extension that can automatically find and apply the best coupons when shopping online, saving you money.

The Honey drop-down feature also allows you to track price cuts at retail stores like Overstock, Macy’s, Walmart, and Amazon. To start tracking, click the extension icon in your browser to let Honey know when you want to check the price (30 days, 60 days, or 90 days). If an item drops during this period, Honey will notify you via email.

In addition to the savings made with coupons, you will also receive a Honey Gold Award when you shop at participating online stores. Basically, this means you can earn points for your purchases and then convert them into benefits like free Amazon gift cards.


Mobee is actually a mystery shopping app that allows you to conduct bait research at local stores.

Open the map and search for permissions for the local secret vault. Choose a task, visit the store, and answer questions about using the application. Then Mobee will review your review and approve or disapprove it within 48 hours.

The app provides bonus points throughout the success process. The more quests you actually complete, the closer you are to unlocking achievements and earning more rewards.

Every point is worth a penny. You need 2,500 points to get your free Amazon Gift Card. However, you need 5,000 points to pay with PayPal.


There are many ways to get a free Amazon gift card, and you don’t know where to start.

A good starting point is a poor performance. Get a gift card that you’ve already made. For many, this is shopping. If that’s your case, Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta are all excellent choices.

Then move on to the most exciting options. For example, if you want to explore new games, you can try apps that reward such activities; however, if you want to share your views and influence your brand, researching online maybe your best option.

Some applications may not be worth your time. If so, give up and move on to the next one. However, I prefer a free Amazon gift card and don’t have many options.

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