A Guide To The Best Buy Gift Card (2021)

A Guide To The Best Buy Gift Card

Shop for our wide variety of holidays, happy birthdays, and gift cards. We also sell gift cards for any special occasion.Each gift card has a unique gift card design and comes with special festive packaging.

Besides buying gift cards online and receiving them for free, you can also purchase and send egift cards with personal messages in the recipient’s inbox. These egift cards can be in use on BestBuy.com so that your recipient can start shopping immediately.

Purchase Best Buy gift cards with a value between 15 and 500 USD and send them for free. You can quickly check your gift card balance and get help with gift cards online without worrying about fees or expiration dates.

Similarly, the best gift cards and online gift cards used in online or physical stores are the perfect gifts to ensure that your friends and family get gifts on your wish list.

Gift cards make Christmas presents easy

This year, skip the holiday line and let everyone on the list have the opportunity to choose the perfect gift through the Best Buy Christmas Gift Card.

Moreover, you don’t actually need to worry about coming up with gift ideas, selecting the right size, or using gift cards to find the perfect color.

Similarly, with free shipping and no expiration date, you can order all gifts online and then deliver them to yourself or the gift recipient of your choice.

Moreover, put the Christmas gift card in a sock, put it in a Christmas greeting card, or wrap it in unique packaging materials, everyone is willing to open it.

Important information about Best Buy gift cards

To help the government combat terrorist financing and money laundering, Best Buy reduced each gift card’s maximum value to $500.

Use gift cards to protect yourself from fraud

We want to help customers like you understand how to identify and prevent gift card fraud. This is why we have assembled some tips and resources to help you stay safe.

Similarly, please visit the help page to learn more about this growing problem and how to prevent gift card fraud.

Best Buy eGift card

Best Buy electronic gift cards come from Delaware CashStar, Inc., Issued by (“Cash Star”). By visiting https://bestbuy.cashstar.com, you agree to these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of Blackhawk Network (parent company of Cash star). CashStar reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion.

Lost or stolen egift card

Sending a confirmation to the recipient passes the buyer the risk of losing the property and electronic gift card. The company is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.


You cannot use your e-Gift Card to purchase other e-Gift Cards. You cannot top-up, resell, transfer value, or exchange cash unless required by law. It will not be valid for reloading, reselling, value transfer, or money exchange. Unused electronic gift cards are not transferable.

Payment method

You can buy Best Buy gift and e-gift cards from valid VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or Diners Club.

Purchases of electronic gift cards are made directly between you and Cash star. Similarly, you cannot buy Best Buy gift cards and e-gift cards with international credit cards.

customer service

If you need assistance buying, owning, or using an e-gift card and would like to check your e-gift card’s balance, please contact customer service. Please refer to your order number or enter your email address.

Besides, to check your e-gift card balance, please follow the e-gift card instructions on the linked page on the company website for the gift you emailed.

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Best Buy gift cards

Are there any fees for electronic gift cards?

No. Only charge the face value of the electronic gift card.

Can you change the value of the gift card and e-gift card after payment?

No, you cannot change the value of the card at the moment.

How can I cancel my e-gift card purchase?

If you choose a future delivery date, you can contact customer service to cancel the purchase. Similarly, if the actual delivery date is today or in the past, the purchase cannot be revoked.

Which payment method does the company accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, PayPal. International credit cards cannot purchase Best Buy electronic gift cards.

At the time of purchase, when will my credit card be charged?

Your actual credit card will get a charge at the time of purchase. This purchase will appear as “Best BUY CASHSTAR EGIFT” on your credit/debit card statement.

When will my purchase deduct from my PayPal account?

Your PayPal account will get a charge at the time of purchase.

I want to give someone a printed, electronic gift card as a gift. How should I do?

Just personalize your e-gift card for the recipient, mail it to yourself, and print it.

Can I send two (or more) electronic gift cards to two (or more) different people sharing an email address?

Yes, you can create multiple e-gift cards and send them to various recipients with one purchase.

What will the recipient receive when sending the e-gift card?

On the delivery date, a message will be sent to the recipient informing them of the gift and a link to make the gift online.

Similarly, the email link will take you to a page showing the e-gift card you created (the design you chose, the recipient’s name, and personalized message), its value, and the code number. This page also contains simple steps to use e-gift cards.

When will the e-gift card go out to the recipient?

The e-gift card alert message will be sent to the recipient on the selected date. Moreover, the delivery date is preset to the current date, so if you do not choose another date, the warning message will be sent on the same date as the purchase.

Where can I use the electronic gift card?

E-gift cards can be used in Best Buy stores in the United States and Puerto Rico and online on Best Buy.com, which can provide products and services such as Mulan home theater and certain GeekSquad related services.

When is the gift card valid?

The gift card has no expiration date. We recommend that you redeem it as soon as you receive it, so please don’t forget.

Can I recharge my e-gift card after using all the money?

At the moment, the Best Buy gift card is not rechargeable. Besides, after the balance is used up, the card cannot be of any use.

Is my order safe?

Protecting consumers with state-of-the-art technology, all personal and financial information is transmitted over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) over https protocol.

Moreover, in the background, web browsers send all personal and financial information over SSL. The process of purchasing an electronic gift card fully complies with PCI standards. If you actually have any more questions or concerns, please contact customer support.

How do I know if the recipient actually received the traditional or e-gift card I sent?

You will receive an email confirming delivery and a message informing you that you have displayed your e-gift card.

Besides, if you do not see your e-Gift Card within 15 days of delivery, you will receive a message with options to resolve this issue.

You can also contact customer support using the order number in the purchase confirmation email. We will also let you know if your e-gift card has been certified by the recipient.

What happens if I lose my Best Buy gift card?

Gift cards and e-gift cards have monetary value and must be protected. If you actually lose your printed e-gift card, contact customer support immediately. If the e-gift card is not used or has a value left, you can cancel the original e-gift card and issue a new e-gift card of that value.

What if someone copied the printed e-gift card?

Our state-of-the-art technology can prevent fraud, but you need to protect your electronic gift card to protect yourself.

If someone actually makes a copy of your gift card and redeems it in full, your copy will be worthless. Similarly, No matter how many actual copies are made, the electronic gift card’s value will be related to the gift card number.

Use this actual number to deduct your purchase from your e-gift card.  Similarly, If you actually suspect that someone has copied or stolen your e-gift card. Then please contact customer support immediately.


If you actually need the Best Buy gift card to give as a gift or to use at the store to get special offers. Then get yourself the gift card because it is a win-win situation.

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